uhh ... hm

Look, I want to believe that whoever this is, she’s a very nice woman.  I bet we’d be best friends.  But I swear to God I’ll kill her if she’s the one who did this to Megan Fox.  Because when my beloved Megan - normally perfect as a new days promise or the laughter of a child - left that slaughterhouse pretending to be a salon yesterday, she actually looked … bad.  I had to reject a few Megan Fox pictures (1, 2), and in one I edited out her face (here).  HOW DARE YOU MADAM!  How dare she do this to me!  This is nothing less than an attack.  I bet this is what people feel like when one of their kids die, except what I’m going through is way worse obviously because they can just make more of their stupid kids.

(image source = pacific coast)

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