Mary Louise Parker is hot, naked

By brendon July 08, 2009 @ 7:54 PM


Mary Louise Parker is in this months Esquire magazine, and you have to hand it to the foppish dandies over there, because they’ve once again managed to describe a super hot naked girl in the gayest way possible.

A few times now you’ve given Esquire your image – your long platinum neck, your deep Guinness eyes staring out from the photos, your movie-star nose, twitched a little, your long body lounging on our pages.

I have no idea what Lord Queerington is talking about, but that’s nothing new with Esquire and GQ. They should rename those magazines Restraining Order Digest and Exfoliating Weekly because that’s all they ever fucking talk about. A magazine about socks and truffle oil for guys is about as useful as a fantasy football guide for girls. Oh, what’s that Esquire? Brooches? For men? Ohhh, do I dare?!?!

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    DB's Treasure 07/09/2009 10:24

    Le Bec Fin!?!?! Are you nuts!?!? The dishes are $100 each and it’s French! FUCK the French and their food. It’s Freedom Fries, ya dumb frogs!

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    Zombie 07/09/2009 10:26

    Since everyone’s playing DB’s parents here, want to go ahead and give him a curfew too?

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    dirtydiane 07/09/2009 10:27

    i didn’t say go there…i just mentioned that as a place that was in the same area. the dishes are more than that, deebs…but it’s fucking phenomenal food. sorry, but the french know their stuff when it comes to food. you can have your freedom fries and eat them too.

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    DB's Treasure 07/09/2009 10:28

    Now now, I don’t need all this advice at once. I may have ran around the hotel lobby and halls drunk and naked as a jaybird when I met her, but I know how to be classy. If she can put up with my wolverine beard, my hard liquor drinking antics and my foul mouth…I think I gotta shot.

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    Watt(Power) 07/09/2009 10:29

    Nah Z let him stay out as late as he wants. He did pass his math test.

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    dirtydiane 07/09/2009 10:30

    no curfew. i’m sure you’ll do just fine.

    *stuffs his jacket pocket with condoms*

    off you go!

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    CodPiece 07/09/2009 10:30

    DB: Save the A2M talk for the 2nd date. Unless she brings it up first.

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    DB's Treasure 07/09/2009 10:31

    new thread, cum goggles

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    leftnutofjesus 07/09/2009 10:31

    i don’t give db suggestions. he knows where to take a young cougar.

    on the corner of penis pap smear and hershey highway.

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    Halebopp 07/09/2009 13:02

    She is so not hot

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