Afternoon Headlines


KATY PERRY - has agreed to be one of the guest judges replacing Paula Abdul during the American Idol auditions, which begin tomorrow in Denver. It's not clear who the fourth judge will be for that.  One artist who is being mentioned is busty bikini model Denise Milani, although mostly by me, just now.  (source = ny daily news)

STEVEN TYLER - the Aerosmith lead singer suffered head, neck and shoulder injuries after falling off a stage in Rapid City, South Dakota. Specifically, at the Buffalo Chip Campground, where the concert was being held. In a related story, are you fucking kidding me. (fox news)

JASON STATHAM - FUN FACT: even cool guys look like spazzy dorks in diving masks. FUN FACT 2 - but don't mention that because Jason Statham will murder you with a jetski and laugh while doing it. (hq jump here. source = splash and fame)

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