Sienna Miller is in Ibiza – UPDATE

By brendon August 13, 2009 @ 7:11 PM


Sienna Miller is in Ibiza, Spain today, and I never knew that place was such a hotspot until everyone in Hollywood started going there. If you don’t know, it’s actually an island about 30 miles off the eastern shore of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Their history dates all the way back to 650 BC, when Phoenician settlers founded a port there and used it’s natural resources to produce dye, salt, and wool.

If you’d like to learn more about Ibiza, you’re a nerd and should probably go to some other site. Sienna Miller is a bikini for gods sake. Maybe you can find a website that has sexy pictures of books since you love em so much, dork.

SEXY UPDATE - now with 500 percent more bikini madness

(27 more pics here. hq jump = here.  source = splash)

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    ohmwrecker 08/13/2009 19:19


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    iwontrememberthis 08/13/2009 19:29

    Sienna Miller confounds my penis. Half the time, she’s hot, the other half, meh.

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    TheOverrated 08/13/2009 19:34

    she is one chick who i think deserves alot of attention. i can dig her.

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    Winehouse™ Blood Slushies 08/13/2009 19:43

    Uh yeah Ibizas been a European hotspot for 20 years now, if hollywood just started they’re so late to the party it aint worth going, if you hadnt been by about 2005 tops which i can see you didnt then its pretty pathetic to start now since its become the new majorca. Like a little piece of Manchester on a saturday night after a big game floating in the middle of the mediterranean. common, trashy and completely charmless. I just answered why hollywoods only just glommed on.

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    NautiusMaximus08 08/13/2009 20:14

    I just don’t get the appeal of Sienna….

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    Raymond K. Hessel 08/13/2009 20:37

    Actually, sexy pictures of books would be slightly better than these half ass pics of this chick.

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    Raymond K. Hessel 08/13/2009 20:38

    I mean, we’ve seen her tits for fucks sake. This is a huge step backwards.

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    The "I Don't Friggin' Care" Tony Stark 08/13/2009 21:19

    She looks like she’s having some kind of seizure.

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    pepper 08/13/2009 21:19

    she makes my dick go to sleep…then again so do books…

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    pepper 08/13/2009 21:21

    Tony, but I thought that you don’t care?

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    The "I Don't Friggin' Care" Tony Stark 08/13/2009 21:22

    Oh, that’s right I don’t care… I forgot.

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    The "I Shot the Sheriff" Tony Stark 08/13/2009 21:26

    So what’s been going on here?

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    Mac-Daddy 08/13/2009 21:28

    a very late and very boring post!

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    Willy 08/13/2009 21:29

    I despise this woman. Talentless piece of crap. Despite this, my complete lack of integrity has led me to conclude that I am hopelessly in love with her. I want to have dirty, trashy sex with her, dressed in drag, while the surviving cast members of Who’s the Boss watch from the corner.

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    tblaney6591 08/13/2009 21:31

    Question: who gives two fucking shits about Sienna Miller?

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    pepper 08/13/2009 21:31

    DB will be happy, the Eagles signed Michael Vicks……who let the dogs out?

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    The "I Shot the Sheriff" Tony Stark 08/13/2009 21:33

    Oh yeah, Philly will be great for Vick. The minute he starts sucking those fans will destroy him. Wait it’s Vick, he sucks to begin with.

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    pepper 08/13/2009 21:35

    Tony, the fu you have missed with Beppo and mylene and fake Beppo…..but since you don’t Frig….wait just one minute…how do you do that with such little feet?
    Where is Headley?

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    pepper 08/13/2009 21:36

    fucki g key board……

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