This hot bitch is 46

August 3, 2009 | beach | editor | 0 Comments

Nicollette Sheridan hit the beach in Malibu yesterday with the worlds happiest dog, and it’s crazy to think that this sexy bitch is 46-years-old (Nicollette, not the dog). Her house must be on some wormhole that bends the laws of time and space. Like if we could see the living room, President Lincoln would be wrestling Charlemagne.  And upstairs there would be a gorilla in glasses and he’s looking at this huge LCD world map with a red digital clock counting down, and the gorilla is standing upright with his hands palm-to-palm and pressed up against his lips, and he’s surrounded by a bunch of generals who look real frazzled.

(33 more pics here. hq jump here. source = splash news online)

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