is ben affleck cheating?

By brendon September 15, 2009 @ 6:42 PM


Just a few weeks ago there were pictures (here) of Ben Affleck on the set of ‘the Town’ (and not ‘Valentines Day’ as I said then. Someone was nice enough to send me an email about it but I’m far too stuck up to edit my mistakes) with Blake Lively, and they did anything but help the rumors that Ben was cheating on Jennifer Garner. Now comes this blind item:

Which A-lister couple’s relationship is on the rocks. Seems he is cheating with his much younger co-star and the wife is now trying to accompany the two on set as much as possible. She heard the rumors way before we did and is now hanging around to nip this thing in the bud. Not Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

I don’t think it’s right, but if God didn’t want guys to cheat on their wives with Blake Lively, he should have thought of that before he made her rack so awesome. She’s got the firmest looking breasts I’ve ever seen. They just beg to be rubbed up and down. If Ben is innocent of all this, then I apologize. I also apologize if that was your sister I banged this weekend. She gets really clingy afterward, huh? What’s that all about?

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    Watt 09/15/2009 18:44


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    Watt 09/15/2009 18:45

    I’ll bet she gives great head


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    TheOverrated 09/15/2009 18:48

    have you seen his wifes ears? she gives dumbo and obama a run for their money..

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    BALLSY 09/15/2009 18:56

    Wait- I don’t care!

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    Demon Spawn 09/15/2009 19:03

    Really, how can you blame him. Did you see that kid that came out of Garner? It was what I imagine Rosemary’s Baby looked like.

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    Ben Affleck Cheating? Plus Super Links! « 09/15/2009 19:04

    [...] This is probably bogus, but everyone seem to think Ben Affleck is cheating on Jennifer Garner with Blake Lively: [...]

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    Observer 09/15/2009 19:12

    Ben should be careful…..

    …because it’s not cheating…..unless your wife finds out…..and is NOT O.K. with it….

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    RedRage 09/15/2009 19:36

    Girls who wear pants up to their belly button are as hot as Chastity Bono injecting her period blood directly into your Jugular. Ben is as cool as a Topher queef directly into your mouth.

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    SeattleBuzzKill 09/15/2009 20:00

    They said “a-lister”…

    So it ain’t Affleck. If he is A-list..we all suck.

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    ukickedmydog 09/15/2009 20:26

    I’d pee in her butt.

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    ukickedmydog 09/15/2009 20:29

    is she wearing a bra? gotta be.

    otherwise them some firm breasts and flesh colored nips, fo sho. That or I need a bigger monitor…

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    Rokan 09/15/2009 20:29

    I think we all owe SeattleBuzzKill a big thank you for deomnstrating the correct way to check a girl for worms.

    Except I use two fingers and gloves are for homos.

    Pepper, have you repented yet?

    Redrage . . . That’s fucking disgusting.

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    ukickedmydog 09/15/2009 20:31


    its called “2009″ biatch, so dress like it.

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    JessBo 09/15/2009 20:39

    firm breasts? hahahah! someone just gave away a complete lack of experience with real titties! see pics on the superfish today… Blake has an awesomely shaped but VERY REAL AND SOFT LOOKING pair of tatas!

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    Mumbles McGinty 09/15/2009 20:42

    Evening Gentlemen.

    For worm inspection do you use a torchlight?

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    Rokan 09/15/2009 20:43


    I have a hard-hat with a miner’s light on it.

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    ukickedmydog 09/15/2009 20:45

    i just got a bic lighter…and sometimes a pencil torch

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    Mumbles McGinty 09/15/2009 20:53

    Fuck I’m struggling today..

    I gotta say that fucking thing with the shaved head hanging with Kanye just makes my stomach churn ….

    Looks like an oversized tape worm…

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    ukickedmydog 09/15/2009 20:55

    Mumbles I think she’s a prototype for a new kind of ugly hooker..Hard to say for sure…Why such a nice body and no hair? Its conflicting.

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    Rokan 09/15/2009 21:02

    Obs had the link to her pictures which were just shown here a few weeks ago, and I swear to God I blocked it out of my mind.

    That chick is the WORST.

    I think I’d fuck Amy Winehouse before I put my hairy finger in that bald snatch.

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