KFed is all ripped out

By brendon September 01, 2009 @ 6:11 PM


Kevin Federline and his hot bikini-clad girlfriend hit up the pool in Miami this afternoon, and it was a little disappointing to see the pictures end when they did, because I was hoping Luke Skywalker would walk up to them and demand Han Solo.

(the “full size” tab has never been more appropriate, but hq jump here. 4 more pics here. source = mavrix online)

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    TheOverrated 09/01/2009 18:13

    jabba the federline

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    Enigmafan420 09/01/2009 18:18

    Man Boobs! EHHHHHWWWWW

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    Poopy Pants 09/01/2009 18:20

    Looks like K-Fed could have been a stunt double for Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Junior”. Basically what I’m saying is…he looks pregnant.

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    SCUM 09/01/2009 18:24


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    Joliet Jake 09/01/2009 18:25

    Those kids are gonna grow up to be whales.

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    pepper 09/01/2009 18:26


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    Watt 09/01/2009 18:27

    Ok what fat jokes haven’t been used….

    Nope think we got em all

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    SCUM 09/01/2009 18:28

    K-Mart, for all your white trash needs.

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    SCUM 09/01/2009 18:28

    I like the Goodyear tattoo on his back.

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    pepper 09/01/2009 18:29

    he had a contract with Special K cereal .
    He thought he signed with KFC.

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    zaphrodesiac 09/01/2009 18:36

    I bet someone was feeding him fish from a bukket

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    pepper 09/01/2009 18:37

    is that a Boa Constrictor tattoo on his back?
    I think it’s starting to look like a Tape Worm…..

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    Rokan 09/01/2009 18:39

    No self-respecting tapeworm would live in K-Fed’s ass.

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    Enigmafan420 09/01/2009 18:42

    Why is it that someone like him gets to nail someone like her?

    Life is unfair.

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    RedRage 09/01/2009 18:46

    He’s on the Kristy Alley “get fat quick” program. His penis has become a rumor to him.

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    Clam Slam 09/01/2009 18:49

    Red-he’s not banging her but she’s stuck in his planet like gravity.

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    uncle phil 09/01/2009 18:58

    why are all the pics taken from someone’s treehouse? did the photographer have to climb up to avoid being eaten?

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    Observer 09/01/2009 18:59

    Someone should let him know that that bathing suit makes him look fat……

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    RedRage 09/01/2009 19:02

    I reiterate, a C & D list genocide is required. This fat fuck needs a crane and a mirror to whack off.

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    RedRage 09/01/2009 19:03

    Daylight makes him look fat Obs.

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