first look at the new a-team

Liam Neeson, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, Bradley Cooper

The big screen version of 'the A-Team' is filming this week in British Columbia, Canada, with Liam Neeson as ‘Hannibal', Bradley Cooper as ‘Faceman', Sharlto Copely from ‘District 9' as ‘Murdoch', and Quinton Rampage Jackson - who is basically the most likable person on earth - as ‘BA Baracus'. Jessica Biel is still cast but not on set yet.

It's directed by Joe Carnahan, who should open the movie, nay, film, with the same shot he used to open his BMW Film 'Ticker', because it's awesome and perfect. Except with Rampage and the black van, instead of Clive Owen and a Z4, because that wouldn't make any sense in this context. People would be like, this is bullshit man, and just walk out.

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