monday afternoon headlines


AVATAR - will have cost around $500 million when it hits screens next month, so it's already breaking records as the most expensive movie ever made, and the one people most regret investing in. WTF is this nonsense? (la times) RIHANNA - is a little tattle-tale, according to Chris Brown, who thinks she should have kept her mouth shut after he punched her in the face a few dozen times. Instead she went and narked.  That's fucked up. He trusted her, and she betrayed that. What a bitch. (the sun) BRITNEY SLAMMED DOWN UNDER - is without question the laziest suggestive headline ever written. (the sun)

LINDSAY LOHAN - was seen outside Crow in West Hollywood crying as she left Friday night. Probably because they ran out of cocaine. (star) RAMPAGE JACKSON - was on set to film for 'The A-Team' in Vancouver today. Here the stuntman for Jacksons character 'BA Baracus' is going down the side of a building for some reason. Maybe ‘cause he didn't have no time fo' no jibba-jabba. (inf)

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