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By brendon November 17, 2009 @ 7:35 PM


WOODY HARRELSON – says America invaded Afghanistan because Chevron wanted to overthrow the Taliban and build an oil pipeline. “The guys from Chevron went in and met with the Taliban and realized those guys just weren’t in control enough. That’s why they wanted to oust them.” You can read his entire interview in this weeks issue of ‘Crazy Dipshit Weekly’. (newsbusters)

LINDSAY LOHAN – is not creating a jewelry line with designer Pascal Mouawad, despite telling Access Hollywood that she was. “This is not happening,” he said in an email. As if she knows how to design jewelry. She might as well say she’s gonna build a space shuttle. (wwd)

SETH MACFARLANE – is sort of a one-trick pony. And that trick is to make the same show over and over and annoy the shit out of me. (college humor)

TILA TEQUILA – is suing ex bf Shawne Merriman claiming he abused her. Merriman was arrested on Sept. 6 after Tequila made similar claims, but despite clear bruises up and down her arms and Merriman admitting he held her down, no charges were ever filed. Probably because it’s always a disaster when a girl tells a story. You just know they’re fuckin it all up. (fox)

ASHLEY GREENE – was the hottest of the cast by far at last nights premier for ‘New Moon’. Mostly because I’m not sure who my other choices are. I think one is named ‘Kristin’. Another is maybe named ‘Taylor’. I think those are the girls. Are they girls? I should look this up.

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    RemSteale 11/17/2009 19:39

    Maybe Seth McFarlane is a bit one trick, but the road house episode was sheer class.

    Road House.

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    whatizdat 11/17/2009 19:41

    Woody’s mad cause he hasn’t had good ‘ghani blue in a long time

  3. avatar
    DarkCherry 11/17/2009 19:42

    a gay man??? OMG LOL dude so so funny!!!!

    a gay man. wow. i mean just. wow.

    dinner night guys

  4. avatar
    RemSteale 11/17/2009 19:43

    I remember when Woody played Woody on Cheers, he was funnier then

  5. avatar
    Rusty Sanchez 11/17/2009 19:47

    Family Guy may be the best thing McFarlane has going, but that shit is still funny. I don’t get the annoying part. Now Ashley Green is not annoying me at all either. Not one bit.

  6. avatar
    whatizdat 11/17/2009 19:48

    I think he has the part as hollywood asshole down better maybe Rem, role for a lifetime

  7. avatar
    Rusty Sanchez 11/17/2009 19:51

    BTW, Watt thinks Rokan is doing all that Mylene stuff? No way. I buy the Pepper=Chubby comment, but not the Rokan=Mylene.

  8. avatar
    chubby chaser 11/17/2009 19:51

    The wood man is 100% correct. It may not be Chevron, but it does have to do with the Oil pipe line.
    The Precious must have the oil!

  9. avatar
    chubby chaser 11/17/2009 19:53

    I am not pepper, fuck you!

  10. avatar
    RemSteale 11/17/2009 19:53

    Ms Greene definitely looks good in red…..

    NIght folks

  11. avatar
    Rusty Sanchez 11/17/2009 19:56

    Nite Rem.

    You’re definitly someone’s sock puppet Chubby.

  12. avatar
    chubby chaser 11/17/2009 19:59

    you people always think a new poster is a sock puppet.
    Rusty, sorry to let you down.

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    lonely 11/17/2009 20:00

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  14. avatar
    Rusty Sanchez 11/17/2009 20:01

    New huh? How long were you lurking before you started posting?

  15. avatar
    chubby chaser 11/17/2009 20:07

    10 months?

  16. avatar
    Winehouse™ Blood Slushies 11/17/2009 20:11

    Family Guy and Cleveland Show sometimes make me laugh so hard I choke. I’m prepared to call them funny and say I like them, wanna fight about it?

  17. avatar
    SsnakeOil 11/17/2009 22:29

    It’s Pick-on-chubby Day, eh? If I had known I’d have stopped at Hallmark on the way home.

    Anyone left?

  18. avatar
    The "Internet's Helpdesk" Tony Stark 11/17/2009 23:31




    ::goes back to the Katy Perry post::

  19. avatar
    The Mildly Tanned Knight 11/17/2009 23:43

    Seth is a fucking terrible writer (and a boring one-trick pony). South Park ragging on Family Guy was one of the funniest episodes of that year. People who like that shit should stop whining about Freddie Krueger 17….Freddie Gets A Home Makeover.

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    iwontrememberthis 11/18/2009 03:11

    Lindsay thinks she can design jewelry because she’s frequently observed how easy it is to make pearl necklaces.

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