you have got to be god damn kidding me

By brendon December 08, 2009 @ 7:45 PM


If you spent most of your adult life carefully cultivating a respectable, almost antiseptic, reputation like Tiger Woods has, there would only be one thing worse than cheating on your beautiful wife with some dirty porn star. And that would be cheating on your beautiful wife with two dirty porn stars. Deadspin says…

(Tigers other girlfriends) annoyed the crap out one of Tiger’s mistresses — a person who actually considered herself a “full-time” of Tiger’s thanks to years of faithful service to his virulent sexual appetite. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Veronica Siwik-Daniels aka Joslyn James, a double-D brunette whose specialties include being double-penetrated on camera in many NSFW films.
(A) Facebook friend of Miss Siwik-Daniels, said that this status update she posted on Dec. 2 was meant for all the ladies running their mouth about her man, Eldrick.
“I find it comical when certain individuals have no life of their own and want to be ME…so terribly bad. LMAO!”
The emphasis on “ME” was Veronica’s way of respecting her unique relationship with Tiger and not becoming part of the screeching hordes.

This guy is a fuckin weirdo. There are some insanely good looking porn stars these days, like Tori Black and Asa Akira, but Tiger wants none of that. If Joslyn James came up to me in a bar, my first question wouldn’t be, “Will you have sex with me”, it would be, “So how long have you been a woman?”


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  1. SCUM 12/08/2009 19:52

    Those are some gross tits.

  2. Mumbles McGinty 12/08/2009 19:55

    That is one gross “woman” … WTF was this guy thinking!

  3. The Irreverent Tony Stark 12/08/2009 19:55

    4 out of 6 stories today on Tiger Woods. Looks like his whores aren’t the only ones who are obsessed.

  4. Mumbles McGinty 12/08/2009 20:00

    Clearly the world of golf and its participants over rule Copenhagen as far as front page story goes ….. me smells a consipiracy …… a divot oops a diversion.

  5. Tito's Anal Adventures 12/08/2009 20:09

    “…cheating on your beautiful wife with two dirty porn stars”

    Cheating on your wife with two *clean* porn stars would be ok then, I guess.

  6. Tito's Anal Adventures 12/08/2009 20:12

    BTW I would not touch Veronica Siwik-Daniels with a golf club! That is one ugly bitch.

  7. Mumbles McGinty 12/08/2009 20:21

    Now the caddie’s potentialy out of a job …. he will probadly do a tell all book, with pictures ….. you have to think he was on tour all the time with da boss ….

  8. Mumbles McGinty 12/08/2009 20:32

    Book Title suggestions …”In the rough”
    “pin high”
    ” in the hole!”
    “tee this up bitch”

  9. dirtysanchez 12/08/2009 20:37

    i’d hit it just to say that I hit it 8-)

  10. Rusty Sanchez 12/08/2009 20:44

    Bad tits, terrible ass, shitty tats…this chick is a mess.

  11. Rusty Sanchez 12/08/2009 20:46

    Oh and dirty sanchez, to say you’d hit that gives the rest of us sanchezes a bad name.

  12. The Irreverent Tony Stark 12/08/2009 21:04

    Rusty, that cat in your avi looks really unhappy. Good, cats are worthless.

  13. dirtysanchez 12/08/2009 21:09

    i’d hit it just to say that I hit it 8-)

    -this message brought to you by dirty sanchez, and does not express the views or opinions of other sanchezes

    we good rusty?

  14. sbuck 12/08/2009 21:14

    “I wish I had more hands so I couild give those titties 4 thumbs down. The milk has gone sour!!!”

  15. jabathehutton 12/08/2009 22:05

    Dudes, I’ve done extensive research since I saw this post and I cannot find a clit anywhere near Mr. James. I think that’s a fuckin’ guy for real.

  16. pepper 12/08/2009 22:34

    What’s a DP?
    Double posting?

  17. pepper 12/08/2009 22:35

    What’s a DP?
    Double posting? .

  18. Death to Finkle! 12/08/2009 22:41

    Duplicate comment detected. It looks like you’ve already said that!

  19. pepper 12/08/2009 22:43

    because I care……….

  20. BALLSY 12/08/2009 23:40

    she’s a porno star, he’s black, one of them has to have aids folks!

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