julia roberts is mean, ugly


Julia Roberts has been on this page 8 times, and 6 of those times were because she's a bitter old pain in the ass. One time it was for parking in a handicapped spot, twice it was for cursing out the paparazzi (1, 2), once it was for giving her kids dumb names, last time it was for being a bitch in India.

Number 9 is a personal email sent to me last night from her neighbor in Malibu. Try and guess if it's good.

I would normally never email anything about  a celebrity like this, but I love you and I am Julia Robert's neighbor and steam is coming out of my ears right now.  For the second time in a month she has flipped me off driving down my own street in Malibu like some crazy botoxed homeless person.  She then proceeded to wait for me as i came back out of my gate from my OWN home and berate me in front of my 10 year old daughter when i asked her what her problem was.  Apparently she has some defunct radar detector in the back of her head since the speed limit on my street is 25 mph and i was doing MAYBE 20.  I know this because there was a huge truck blocking most of the road and i had to slow to almost a stop to get past it and when i saw her i was really aware of my speed since she'd flipped me off a few weeks ago while she was jogging with her trainer at 8 in the morning.  She informed me i was speeding and accused me of almost running over her dog.  when i told her i absolutely was not, she said "oh-then i guess you're on top of the situation" with all this nasty sarcasm.  Her old ugly dog she didn't have on a leash walked right up to my right tire and thank god i wasn't speeding or i would have ran right over it.  I guess when Julia Roberts walks down the street you're not allowed to even drive on it! But the fact that she could see my 10 year old daughter in my car and she still had the gall to yell at me and accuse me of speeding in an attempt to run over her dog is unreal to me.  Doesn't she have husbands to steal or something?  On on top of this, several of her neighbors have been threatening to sue her for the trees she recently planted and the disgusting, ugly, illegal old gulfstream trailer she keeps on her property for her gardeners or other underlings to use since god forbid her gardeners keep their tools in her garage and actually look at her without her say so.  She also leaves her garbage cans in the middle of the street for weeks because she is never in town for very long and obviously her gardeners don't really feel like doing anything for her in her absence.  The entire street loathes her.  Most of us are locals and I for one have not only lived here my whole life but so has my family and my daughter was born and raised here.  She needs to go back to New Mexico where there is enough room for her giant cunty ego!!!!!!!

Just two nights ago I was watching 'Oceans 12' and I guess I'd never seen that in HD before because AHHHH WTF IS THAT! When did she get this ugly? George Clooney must be the preeminent actor of our times because he's an inch away from that goblin and he just sits there and takes it.

I forgot to turn off the CC when making some screencaps, but it worked out. It captioned his subconscious. Here he says he's sorry for keeping her in the dark. That's nice of him to say but I'd keep that fug mess in the dark too. She's lucky he didn't keep her in the woods under a net. And here he asks if it's okay and despite her answer I can assure you it's not. It's not okay at all.

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