megan fox is a good model

By brendon February 16, 2010 @ 3:12 PM


For some inexplicable reason, people seem to really enjoy hating Megan Fox. She’s never been arrested, never had a DUI, never does the obvious attention whore things (the ivy, fashion week, St Barts) and rarely goes to bars or parties or premiers if she doesn’t have to. What she has done is date the same guy for 5 years and stayed home to play lots of video games.

People say she can’t act (girl kiss scene), but keep in mind that most people are fucking morons who just parrot what everyone else says. No one says that about Kristen Stewart, and her acting is so wooden it’s hard to even tell if the movie is playing. It’s like she doesn’t think she’s in this scene.

Even better is that Megan has no self confidence, meaning talking her into anal just got much much easier. W magazine says…

“My main weakness is nerves,” she says, taking a long sip of her tea. “I have no confidence, and because of that I’m always second-guessing myself.”
“There’s a million people I could name who are more deserving of the parts that I get and the life that I’m living,” she says. Asked if she’s envious of anyone in Hollywood, Fox raises her eyebrows, as if the answer to this question is obvious. “Everybody, maybe? Anyone who’s got any sort of legitimate accolades.”

This chick is fantastic. She’s the kind of girl science fiction writers wrote about in the 50’s. Some slave girl made in a lab, perfect in every way. If she was my girlfriend I might be tempted to see if she had a panel somewhere that opened up to a bunch of wires and computer chips, but I wouldn’t because I’d be happier in my blissful ignorance.

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    DB's Treasure 02/16/2010 15:18

    Yea, she’s hotter than the hull of a slave ship, but something tells me she is a bad lay.

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    Donna Martin Graduates 02/16/2010 15:19

    I like her! She’s an okay actress — no more wooden than, say Kim Basinger (who won an Oscar – wtf?)

    Bruckheimer made her do a screen test of her washing his Ferrari for wank material. I s’pose he’ll release it if he ever goes broke (meaning soon, I hope!)

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    Donna Martin Graduates 02/16/2010 15:21

    What defines a bad lay?!

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    pepper 02/16/2010 15:21

    She could be the worst lay……..just give me 30 seconds with her….

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    SCUM 02/16/2010 15:21

    She emotes like a cigar store Indian.

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    pepper 02/16/2010 15:22

    Donna, DB treasure was in jail for a long time…..anything that has a pussy is a bad lay……

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    Watt 02/16/2010 15:22

    Dunno DB she might be on the edge of crazy and a freak in bed

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    SCUM 02/16/2010 15:28

    12 more years and she can OD like her idol Marilyn.

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    Mac-Daddy 02/16/2010 15:29

    II’ll fuck her with the power of a thousand suns!

    Brian Douchebag Green told Howard Stern: (I’m paraphrasing) “Megan is amazing….there is nothing she wont due to please me. Picture your greatest sexual fantasy and you might have an idea of what I am talking about!”

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    Donna Martin Graduates 02/16/2010 15:29

    @pepper – aw, that’s tragic…….

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    Donna Martin Graduates 02/16/2010 15:30

    Dating Brian Douchebag Green is enough to make a girl switch teams

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    Donna Martin Graduates 02/16/2010 15:31

    @scum – didn’t Anna Nicole already do that?

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    RedRage 02/16/2010 15:32

    She probably just lays there like a startled fainting goat.

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    Watt 02/16/2010 15:32

    Girls with low self esteem!

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    SCUM 02/16/2010 15:37

    Donna, unlike Anna Nicole, Megan has a Marilyn tattoo.

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    Donna Martin Graduates 02/16/2010 15:42

    yeah, so?!

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    DarkCherry 02/16/2010 15:49

    there’s nothing wrong with always getting the hot Bond girl roles. she needs to just embrace her role in Hollywood and to stop talking about being in legitimate movies. sorry doll but you’re never going to get the roles like Anne Hathaway and at the same time, she’s not getting the hot action girl roles.

    THIS is why people don’t likeher.

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    DarkCherry 02/16/2010 15:52

    and for goodness sake learn how to take a picture with your mouth closed!!!

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    Demon Spawn 02/16/2010 15:54

    He’s right about Kristen Stewart. She’s like a 14 year old tranny. My only problem with Fox is that she doesn’t get naked now before people get tired of her and then she’ll decide to get naked when no one cares anymore and her body is all used it (Neve Campbell).

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    Woodsman 02/16/2010 15:56

    new up – - someone is smoking weed in their car. ZZZZZZ Just another day in my home province.

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