Nina Dobrev is in a bikini


Nina Dobrev is on Turks and Caicos today, and I'm not entirely sure who she is but I see her name a lot lately. Unfortunately the words "busty teen" and "cock crazy" don't bookend her name when I see it so I never click the link. And now I'm unprepared. The credits for these pictures say she's the star of the CW show ‘Vampire Diaries', but I don't know what that might mean. Is there seriously a show called that? And if so, why? Why would they do that? Are they just pairing up words that teen girls like and making shows about it? Girls are so dumb. Normal girls are dumb too but teen girls are like talking to a dog. How are they so much better at us at math and spelling. And ping pong. It doesn't add up at all.

(source = wenn images)

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