lindsay lohans new movie might be too sexy

By brendon June 01, 2010 @ 10:20 AM


Lindsay Lohan’s big comeback was supposed to begin with her role as 70‘s porn pioneer Linda Lovelace in the film “Inferno.” It was perfect. Except they don’t own the rights to the story, the director has no idea whats he’s doing, they don’t have a cast and they don’t have a script.

Ahh, excuse me, they DO have a script! And it’s everything you might imagine from this group of consummate professionals.

Lohan will have to play a role in which her character is “thoroughly degraded.” According to Von, “the movie is obviously designed to just outright disturb (with) the combination of childhood imagery and absolute outright depraved perversions.”
“It’s hard to imagine the movie making it to theaters in its current form no matter who plays Lovelace,” reports the Post.

Lindsay was only famous because she had big tits, so as we celebrate her very justified demise, we need to turn our attention to new people like Liz Parada of ABC’s ‘True Beauty’, whatever the hell that might be. She posed for some pictures in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday, and it was awesome. Because she’s really pretty and thin with huge tits. These pictures shouldn’t even be allowed without a prescription, and only then after a doctor has cleared you for all the frantic masturbating that will be going on after you see them.

(source = splash news online)

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    Mac-Daddy 06/01/2010 11:35

    New Post SALAJ…quick hurry up!

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    Admiral 06/01/2010 12:03

    This post seems like some kind of sneaky commercial. Admiral does NOT approve.

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    Motorboat Jones 06/01/2010 13:07

    The hot chick in the pics sure looks like Leila from the Mike in Brazil series of pronos. Brings back some nice memo… oh there I went and scorched my shorts.

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    Hannibal Lecter 06/01/2010 13:19

    i wanna see Li-Lo in a porno !

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    zoeg25 06/01/2010 13:57

    Yeah, this sounds like the perfect Lindsay Lohan comeback project.

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    mercury 06/02/2010 00:33

    That chick in the pic, holy fucking rod!

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    ladyjack 06/18/2010 09:44

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