jenna dewan looks really good in bikinis

By brendon July 16, 2010 @ 1:10 PM

Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan and her husband Channing Tatum spent another day on the beach in Italy yesterday, and while Jenna spent most of the day bending over and showing off her hot ass, Channing focused mainly on being a big-titted fatty. As you can see here, he really nailed it.

(source = inf daily)

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    AncoBluzea 07/16/2010 14:49

    pashol NA chuy!

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    SCUM 07/16/2010 14:57

    The economy must be really bad if this is all Brendum can afford.

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    Observer 07/16/2010 15:05

    In six (6) days…..Selena Gomez will be 18…..

  4. avatar
    jack ass 07/16/2010 15:12

    Observer…that’s like two weeks away?
    Is there a site with only pictures of her that can only be viewed once she turns 18?
    Do share….

  5. avatar
    Observer 07/16/2010 15:17

    jack ass…..

    …it’s two months in dog years……

    ….here she is at 18+

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    rokan 07/16/2010 15:24

    I see a worm sign in her cotton panel.

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    Mike Hunt 07/16/2010 15:25

    Dat’s de way the beetches look in Mexico. She looks like she can peel a banana weeth her labia, Senor Observer.

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    jack ass 07/16/2010 15:31

    Mike Hunt, if you don’t mind me saying, you have a perty mouth yourself…

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    Mac-Daddy 07/16/2010 15:36

    there will never be a better ass then the girl in my av.

    I am proud to say that my constant amazement of this ass has forced my wife to do the stair master for an extra 30min everyday to try and get this ass!!!

    Keep working baby….maybe soon!

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    AncoBluzea 07/16/2010 15:36

    sah-LEEEEN-ahhhh. *hmmmph splat*
    mike hunt: beaches look like that in mexico but not the beeetches you fucking JACKasss. hahahahaha.

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    pepper 07/16/2010 15:43

    AncoBluzea, look at me…..I said look at me!

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    SCUM 07/16/2010 15:46

    Yeah she looks good in a bikini, but she would look better with my cock in her mouth.

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    pepper 07/16/2010 15:48

    you take the mouth and I will gladly take the ass.

  14. avatar
    Observer 07/16/2010 15:50


    …I thought Zombie claims you’re old…….you don’t look half my age…..

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    Observer 07/16/2010 15:53

    Pepper’s got the ass…..

    ….and the mouth looks ready….

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    jack ass 07/16/2010 15:54

    I don’t feel half your age….my knees are going…so is my back. My mind is half gone..shit,I can’t remember what I did 3 hours ago.
    I wear depends .
    The only advantage to that….I can piss and shit as I walk.
    Don’t worry…you get used it.
    I feel sorry for the people that have to ride the train with me..
    Next week I’m getting brand new teeth!!!!
    I have no problems getting erections. I had a pump built in.

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    Just the Tip 07/16/2010 15:54


    We have Geriatric Flirting going on.

    How awesome for you two.

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    Lightdragon2 07/16/2010 15:55

    this chick looks good. but for some reason I would choose Avril Lavigne over her.

    three years ago you couldn’t pay me enough to want to touch Avril.

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    pepper 07/16/2010 15:56

    jack Ass…no one asked….
    Observer..can’t open the link.

  20. avatar
    Just the Tip 07/16/2010 16:04

    Lightdragon… that really you?

    How’s the rest of the clan?

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