lindsay lohan had ‘fuck u’ on her nails the entire time

By brendon July 06, 2010 @ 10:15 PM


Remember in court today, during Lindsays probation hearing, just before sentencing, when she was crying to the judge and swearing that she’s changed and this wasn’t a joke to her, and she begged for the chance to prove that any mistakes of the past were simple misunderstandings and she had never done anything to deliberately disrespect the court?

Yeah well she had “fuck u” written on her fingernail the entire time. Specifically her middle finger. Which was pointed toward the judge for most of the day.

I wonder if she’ll keep that on there when she goes to jail. Will she be so tough then? If she comes out with hooks for hands I guess we’ll have our answer.

(picture source = getty images and splash news)


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  1. Angel2376 07/06/2010 22:27

    Are you shittin me? HAHAHAHAHAHHAA

  2. NautiusMaximus08 07/06/2010 22:29

    Looks fake

  3. Crestien 07/06/2010 22:37

    I thought it was probably fake too… but I’m not really sure. When you see it from all the different angles, it looks real enough.

    Linday’s Tweets and Photos

  4. AncoBluzea 07/06/2010 22:38

    not only is she genius, but artistic too. i want to party with her.

  5. MrAdams 07/06/2010 22:38

    Also, and I’m hesitant to point this out, if you take a pen out and connect the freckles on her chest, it spells out “eat me, bitch”.

  6. Angel2376 07/06/2010 22:41

    Other websites are running those same pics and you can see the writings on the nail

  7. The Fried Man 07/06/2010 22:57

    I’m just sure she’s going to have a great response for this shit. She’s going to say it was photoshopped, or that it was meant for the press, etc. She should have written “fuck me” on her forehead.

  8. The Fried Man 07/06/2010 22:58

    It probably goes without saying, but if these same EXACT charges and probation violations were levied against Tammy from Compton, her ass would be in Chino faster then you can saw “Roscoe Chicken and Waffle.”

  9. The Original Lo Rider 07/06/2010 23:31

    So I’m watching “America’s Got Talent” and the local station actually interrupts coverage to announce Lindsey got 90 days in jail. In retrospect, what a sad fucking statement on my Tuesday night.

  10. MrAdams 07/06/2010 23:36

    I’m hoping that this means we won’t have to see any posts about Lindsay Lohan for ninety days. I didn’t say that would happen. It’s just what I hope for.

  11. Rokan 07/06/2010 23:42


  12. that1guy 07/06/2010 23:45

    who cares?

  13. Woodsman 07/06/2010 23:51

    If this isn’t shopped I would expect the judge will haul her in and cite her for contempt … unless this court is in LA in which case nothting will happen.

    Rok: nice flags. You’re a good … wookie?

  14. Woodsman 07/06/2010 23:52

    Wookie – I salute you sir.

  15. Rokan 07/06/2010 23:55

    Thank you Woods,

    That’s the Wrigley building in the background. I work next to it. I was standing on the Michigan Ave. bridge.

  16. Rokan 07/06/2010 23:56

    And in salute to you, I will steal this picture and use it at some future date.

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  18. Admiral 07/07/2010 00:21

    Ah, what a child! She cried? In the courtroom? This chick lives like she’s some kind of badass druggie and then cries in the courtroom. Her whole life is an act.

  19. kris10 07/07/2010 00:25

    she cried harder in ‘i know who killed me’ than she did at her sentencing… and we thought she was a bad actres

  20. curles 07/07/2010 01:18

    Scene: (Lindsay at her home the night before)

    Lindsay to Nobody in Particular: “Hmm, I can either prepare and rehearse a very contrite speech for tommorow’s hearing or I can spend hours painting ‘fuck u’ on my fingernail . . . hmmm, I wonder which would be the better use of time?. . .

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