hey Jamie Foxx. you suck.

By brendon August 02, 2010 @ 4:24 PM


Jamie Foxx has talked about having sex with Oprah and Kirstie Alley, so maybe that’s why he didn’t seem interested in this girl with him by the pool in Miami yesterday. Jamie will only like you if you go to the pool and someone with a whistle and a ball tries to throw a fish in your mouth.

(image source = mavirx online)

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    A Dirty George A. Romero Love Pillow 08/02/2010 16:28

    I think Jamie Foxx really likes fish sticks….

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    MrAdams 08/02/2010 16:33

    Jaime Foxx, Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding… it’s all the same guy.

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    Joust 08/02/2010 16:39

    That girl is not very attractive. I would have ignored her too.

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    DasBrain 08/02/2010 16:41

    She’s starting to get a sun burn around her bathing suit area. Someone needs to help her re-apply.

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    Thundercunt 08/02/2010 16:42

    Foxx looks angry.
    He’s channeling some Black Panthers rage here..

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    The Original Lo Rider 08/02/2010 16:44

    She’s a fatty. Who cares?

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    SCUM 08/02/2010 16:47

    That must be depressing when even the N@GGERS ignore you.

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    Watt 08/02/2010 16:48

    Pool’s closed due to AIDS

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    MrAdams 08/02/2010 17:03


    Jaime Foxx, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Cuba Gooding… it’s all the same guy.

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    The Ghost of Dino 08/02/2010 17:08

    Is he blind? This gal looks like more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

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    The Ghost of Dino 08/02/2010 17:10

    A Kim Kardashian body with the face of a 35 year old Dominican housekeeper… could be fun for a few hours before dinner.

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    SomeoneluvsU 08/02/2010 17:18

    Which county is missing a real housewife?

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    Joust 08/02/2010 17:23

    Dino, he’s doing his “Ray” impersonation… minus the courtesy shades.

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    ohmwrecker 08/02/2010 17:26

    That chick has a decent bod, but she has the face of a turn of the century, scurvy stricken prostitute. She also looks like she would have a loud, nasally annoying voice.

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    Watt 08/02/2010 17:32

    He’s a horse hurrrrrrrrr

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    Watt 08/02/2010 18:10


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    duckbutter 08/02/2010 18:39

    Jamie Foxx go fuck yourself!

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    duckbutter 08/02/2010 19:47

    well…….it’s 107 degrees outside and I have to go mow AGAIN. Seriously, fuck everyobdy!!!

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    duckbutter 08/02/2010 19:58

    Jamie Foxx was quoted as saying: “ay yo fuck this bitch son, I’m tryin to get off in some Lilo ass tonight….ya hear me”?

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    Not in my eye 08/02/2010 20:56

    the bitch looks ugly with sun glasses on. double fail at life

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