Lindsay Lohan is still probably miserable today

61100419 Lindsay Lohan should still be in jail, with 77 days left on her 90 day sentence, but at least she's getting screwed over in every other possible way.

First Judge Marsha Revel denied Lindsay more time between leaving jail and reporting to rehab, and in the end Lindsay didn't even get the 24 hours she had to start with. Then she had her triumphant catwalk in front of the paparazzi stolen from her, and now she can't go rehab in the opulent Costa Mesa paradise that she wanted.

That rehab just spent $220,000 to remodel with things like new hardwood floors and walk-in closets, but Revel was concerned about security. It was thought Lindsay could easily have friends smuggle drugs to her, which of course is the kind of thing Lindsay would do. So now she has to spend 90 days at much less fancy UCLA, for a reported addiction to meth and opiates.

Hopefully the "hospital" at UCLA can help, but if a rehab doesn't take you surfing once a week and go to Six Flags, like the rehab LIndsay wanted, how good could it really be?

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