Paris Hilton is topless

By brendon October 12, 2010 @ 9:37 AM


This week sure has been surprising, and not just because of summers unplanned pregnancies that I’m only hearing about now and need to deal with (time to move!) Yesterday there were new topless pictures of Kim Kardashian, and today there are sort of topless pics of Paris Hilton on some bikini photo shoot in Malibu.

She covers her chest for the most part (except for here) which is weird because her tits are clearly her best feature. If she’s gonna hide anything it should be that big dumb face of hers and her one and a half eyes. Someone go punch her in the stomach. That will fix this problem. Actually that will fix both of my problems in this post.

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    rokan 10/12/2010 09:39

    I would grape her in the mouth.

    There’s a new post? Its not noon yet.

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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 10/12/2010 09:41

    mo fo’s got up bright and early to put this paid for trash heap up on top. Good morning foreskin stretchers…. Shit’s been up for 5 min and it’s already in the “popular topics” corner with only 2 votes….I can see this is going to be a shill day again here…

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    RemSteale 10/12/2010 09:42

    Bee stings

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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 10/12/2010 09:44

    im mean really….who the fuck cares about this spoiled ugly brat? we all saw her video, we all saw her giving HORRIBLE head….back in 2002….8 fucking years ago…move on!

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    pepperjr. 10/12/2010 09:46

    Brend*n the ghey will not let us post links…..

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    MrAdams 10/12/2010 09:47

    They couldn’t get a better model for a bikini-shoot than Paris? That is sad.

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    Tom Foolery 10/12/2010 09:54

    I would never date a chick that gave bad oral, thats how I get off 75% of the time. With that being said F’in Chargers

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    Chicagoaniml 10/12/2010 10:13

    Seen those small mosquito bites as much as a porn star. NEXT!

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    Cinfully_delicious 10/12/2010 10:17

    She’d have to actually HAVE TITS for being “topless” to really count. Otherwise it’s just another 12 year old boy with his shirt off.

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    rokan 10/12/2010 10:18


    You mean like this?

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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 10/12/2010 10:19

    id rather shit in my hand, and squeeze that, then be within 10 feet of that diseased pig. I’d get “Hand foot and mouth” disease just groping one of non-tits……stupid spoiled whore. South Park hit the nail on the head when they made the episode about her..

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    SomeoneluvsU 10/12/2010 10:19

    No wonder she has to hide drugs in her snatch…
    She certainly couldn’t hide them in her training bra.

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    pepperjr. 10/12/2010 10:22

    Maybe Brendghey does not like porn sites…..I can’t post any links……
    …..and they all rejoiced!!………..”YEAHHHHHHH!!”

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    Tom Foolery 10/12/2010 10:23

    She doesn’t look “that bad” in some of these, I haven’t blown the pictures up but still. I’m sure some of your ex wives look worse

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    Tom Foolery 10/12/2010 10:27

    What the F?

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    Admiral 10/12/2010 10:27

    She’s super thin. Wow. She must weigh 94 lbs.

    If I saw her coming towards me on the rocks, nude, I’d be very impressed. I think she’s pretty enough to fool around with, certainly.

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    Admiral 10/12/2010 10:28

    Tom, that’s called ‘targeted marketing’ :)

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    RemSteale 10/12/2010 10:29

    Self obsessed, self interested, stupid, bundle of bones.

    Not for me, bring on more Minka Kelly posts

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    Tom Foolery 10/12/2010 10:32

    Admiral: If anything we are the degenerates dishing the harassment. At least we know what number to block when the phone call comes

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    Observer 10/12/2010 10:33

    I would eagerly rape this has-been……..

    …if only some ventriloquist could make her mouth say “No, Stop, I don’t want to”…..

    ….but …such miracles don’t exist…

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