Jessica Alba is in a bikini, but still pregnant

May 12, 2011 | beach | editor | 0 Comments

Everyone agrees that pregnant chicks are creepy looking, if not outright disgusting, but what if that pregnant chick is Jessica Alba, one of the hottest girls ever, and she’s in a bikini? Because Jessica was in a bikini yesterday down in Mexico. What about then?

The surprising answer is that it’s still gross, because even though her tits have doubled in size, which is good, the right one now has these big veins in it, which is bad. It makes you wonder if her husband, who has been watching his gorgeous wife morph into this monster because there’s a parasite inside of her feeding of it’s host and stealing her beauty, only brought her to that filthy shit hole in hopes she got poisoned. So he’s filling empty smartwater bottles from a hose in some filthy neighborhood and giving it to her, and secretly ordering lots of food with raw fish and beef. If so it’s the only admirable thing he’s ever done.

(image source = splash news)

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