Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are going to hell

By brendon May 27, 2011 @ 10:06 AM


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spent another day in Hawaii yesterday, and at this point that Latin ass has become too much for him to take and he’s spending every waking moment tryin to tap that. And he’s a little faggot but who could blame him. She must be tight as a drum. Her kitty must be like a vice. You could put a vibrator in her and it use it like a handle. Grab the end sticking out and swing her around by it.

(image source = splash and bauer griffin) and flynet)

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    Mr. Nutt 05/27/2011 10:10

    And I thought girls liked bad boys. Is he a f@g with a mean streak? If they are going to hell, who should they sit next to?

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    uknowwhere2findme 05/27/2011 10:17

    I wonder what his finger smells like?

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    mercury 05/27/2011 10:21

    You get yours, scrawny white kid!

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    MrAdams 05/27/2011 10:35

    What’s a politically correct way of saying “Who gives a fuck about this shit”?

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    Mr. Nutt 05/27/2011 10:44

    I believe it’s “Who gives a fuck about this shit?”

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    uknowwhere2findme 05/27/2011 11:03

    If it means doing Biever to get to her Beaver…then I am willing to sacrifice myself…

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    Mr. Nutt 05/27/2011 11:11

    That’s Bieber’s beaver! Get your own split tail. When he’s done with it, it will still be “just like new” anyway.

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    uknowwhere2findme 05/27/2011 11:23

    It’s nice to see that Selena brought her muff diving gear…..spread those legs Justin…nom nom nom

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    ohmwrecker 05/27/2011 11:27

    These two definitely beat Lilo and Sam as hottest celebrity lesbian couple.

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    InSourced 05/27/2011 12:00

    Me: “That Selena Gomez is one hot piece of ass. I know from experience”.
    Everyone: “No you don’t”.

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    Zombie 05/27/2011 12:23

    Welp, I’ll be tossing my RB wayfarers this weekend.

    What’s up McDougall?

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    rokan 05/27/2011 12:33

    That’s no way to worm a girl.


    No time to talk now, I’m on a plane flying to pick up Pepper for a Memorial Day picnic and/or gang- bang.

    Let’s have lunch next week.

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    Observer 05/27/2011 13:10

    I’m lucky enough if the warm water in my shower lasts long enough to wash the cum off my dick……..

    ….Bieber’s fucking that tight, hot downy cooter……

    …and HE’S the f@g….?

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    Observer 05/27/2011 13:11


    ….Rokan found his login/password matrix…..

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    The Fried Man 05/27/2011 13:14

    Apparently my comments only show up when they want to…get your shit together Brandumb.

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    The Fried Man 05/27/2011 13:16

    I had a great little spiel about Bieber fucking up a perfectly good bikini shot and how teenage boys all across this fine country were now going to be forced to masturbate with this fucktard in the frame…by now my pearls of wisdom are lost forever…

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    Observer 05/27/2011 14:11

    The Fried Man….

    …the words “Sp@c” and “N@gger”….(in sert “i” for the “@”) are filtered out……

    ….and that includes those terms even if they are innocently nested within other terms……

    ….there are a few others……but I forget most of them…..besides “Brend@n”….

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    uknowwhere2findme 05/27/2011 16:03

    Rokan..you brought zombie back…..and I missed it…….

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    nunyobidnez 05/27/2011 16:20

    Who is he trying to fool? That little turd is gay as John Travolta. Obviously their publicists are getting together and working out a deal to try and get people off the trail of Bieber taking it in the ass.

    Bieber loves the cock.

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    SaintMidian 05/27/2011 16:28

    I bet I could take him in a fist fight. He’s angering up the blood and my fists are getting all punchy.

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