Thursday headlines, with trailers and Kelly Brook in a bikini


X MEN: FIRST CLASS - has 3 new character trailers for Beast, Banshee, and Havok, also known as, "Oh I Thought That Was Young Cyclops", "Who?", and "The One Who Humps Out Laser Hoops". (mtv)

CONAN THE BARBARIAN - has a new trailer out today, and at the end it mentions that this was shot in 3D, as if you couldn't tell by the stunning percentage of pointy things flying at the screen. (yahoo)

COLUMBIANA - stars Zoe Saldana as an 80-pound lethal assassin, but it's from the director of 'Taken' so I'm sure that's all explained and it'll make sense. (yahoo)

KELLY BROOK - is in the new UK Esquire, but unlike yesterday the issue is now out and so here are all the pictures. I sure would love to come across a girl who looks like this. So to speak. (esquire)

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