Ginger Spice was in a bikini. Mostly.

By brendon June 20, 2011 @ 9:40 AM


The fact that girls have no idea about how to gauge size or measure things really paid off this weekend when Geri Halliwell tried to cover her boobs while changing bikini tops on a yacht off St. Jean Cap Ferrat, France. Because it turns out her hand isn’t nearly as big as she seems to think it is (this would be a good time to follow me on twitter, btw). Still, if someone had grabbed a baby and thrown it really high in the air so she’d have to reach up and catch it, I’d have been grateful.

(image source = fame)

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    ganjadude4391 06/20/2011 09:53

    This no posting topless pics on this page anymore is really sad :(

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    Mr. Nutt 06/20/2011 10:10

    I don’t understand? It’s the internet! This is where nude pics are suppose to be!

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    rokan 06/20/2011 10:15


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    rokan 06/20/2011 10:16


    Or at least “Tit”

  5. avatar
    rokan 06/20/2011 10:19

    Can I say tits on this site anymore?

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    uknowwhere2findme 06/20/2011 10:24

    You can say it……but can you eat one?

  7. avatar
    rokan 06/20/2011 10:30

    “Eat a tit?”

    Well, surely you can’t say anything that dirty here.

    Let’s clean it up so Brenda can get some of that sweet. sweet Lysol ad money back and pay for us to have new avatars.

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    The Fried Man 06/20/2011 10:47

    The young one is hot…what is she, 18, 19? It’s so hard to tell these days. And then again it doesn’t really matter when you’re spanking it, right fellas? Am I right?

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    mercury 06/20/2011 10:56


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    MrAdams 06/20/2011 11:28

    Admit it. The only reason you bought these pictures was because you thought they said “Jerry Halliwell topless”.

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    rokan 06/20/2011 11:31

    I’m touching myself right now.

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    rokan 06/20/2011 11:49

    New nipples up!!

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    Observer 06/20/2011 12:56

    Where have the days of nude swimming on boats gone……??

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    KirklandNelson 07/11/2011 12:54

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  15. avatar 01/04/2012 19:24

    Mmm boobs!

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