Headlines, with the benevolent Sacha Baron Cohen

By brendon June 10, 2011 @ 4:26 PM


TRACY MORGAN – has now apologized for his remarks about gay people that he made in concert on June 3rd. That he’s apologizing now, after the story broke, and not when he said this stuff 7 days ago can only mean that he really wanted to get the apology just right. (the ap)

JACK WHITE – and his wife are throwing a party to celebrate their 6th anniversary, AND to announce their divorce. It just made better financial sense to have one party for both. (people)

JENNIFER HUDSON – was also rushed to the hospital today, just like Selena Gomez, but in Hudsons case it’s for suspected food poisoning. This is why girls shouldn’t eat. (popeater)

SACHA BARON COHEN – has released the fist picture of himself in ‘The Dictator’, about a Saddamm Hussein-like character who is replaced by a body double and moves to NYC. In the book the dictator was kind and benevolent, but that’s because Hussein secretly wrote it. People figured out he was the author because the character also has a black belt and 20 inch dong. (huff post)

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    i hate you 06/10/2011 16:45

    selena is pregnant with a bieber baby for sure. jennifer hudson will eat anything. tracy morgan is a liar and still hates the gays. i could care less about jack white. i would unleash a jihad wad inside SBC’s woman.

    that is all.

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    Mr. Nutt 06/10/2011 16:51

    I agree with Hate.

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    Mr. Nutt 06/10/2011 16:52

    That is all.

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    uknowwhere2findme 06/10/2011 16:53

    New up..that is all

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    DBXdarkangel 06/10/2011 17:29

    Sacha is a fucking dick!! Uk is soo glad we got rid of him. Very boring.

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    mark 06/10/2011 20:41

    MMMMM……..release the fist picture……….MMMMMMMM

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    mercury 06/11/2011 22:23

    So, Sacha Borat Cohen is now doing a reboot of a Charlie Chaplin movie?

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    Observer 06/13/2011 08:26

    Luckily for Sacha Baron Cohen……..that “look” is common in NYC………..

    ….it’s called “Hassidic”…..

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