Monday headlines, with pregnant bride Lily Allen

By brendon June 13, 2011 @ 1:56 PM


KIM KARDASHIAN – was accused of cheating on her fiance after an NFL player named Brett Lockett told InTouch they’d been having a “physical relationship” for 5 months, but now he admits he’s never actually met her face to face. His dick must be huge. (e!)

SUPER 8 – was number 1 at the box office with $37M, because movie theaters don’t give refunds. (ew)

BOOK OF MORMON – is the musical written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker of ‘South Park’ (amazon has the cast recording on sale for $1.99), and last night it won 9 of the 14 Tony awards it was nominated for, including Best Musical and Best Director for Parker. The other “director” nominees told the actors to face the back wall and just wing it. It was foolish direction in hindsight. (people)

LILY ALLEN – got married this weekend, then announced that she’s 4 months pregnant, then took wedding pictures in a graveyard, yet still got upstaged by her older sister Sarah Owen, who wore this slutty dress. At least according to me. I love sluts! (sun, splash, wenn)

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    rokan 06/13/2011 13:58

    Is there a midget under her dress?

  2. avatar
    Mr. Nutt 06/13/2011 15:03

    Technically yes.

  3. avatar
    rokan 06/13/2011 15:14

    I have to poop again.


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    Observer 06/13/2011 16:13

    She looks cuter naked……

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    Observer 06/13/2011 16:17

    She’s wearing white…..ergo….she’s a virgin……

    ….and yet the headline says “pregnant”……..must be a mis-print……

    ….or the coloration of the dress has been photo-shopped….

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    Observer 06/13/2011 16:31

    I have an extensive physical relationship with many of the chicks featured on WWTDD………

    ….even Kim Kardashian……….my dick is not that big…..but it sports a huge imagination……

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    earthboundmsft 06/13/2011 18:59

    You’d think the sister could have waxed her moustache for the wedding…

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