Shia LaBeouf claims he f**ked Megan Fox

By brendon June 28, 2011 @ 10:49 AM


Shia LaBeouf has an interview in the new issue of Details, and it’s a revelation for no other reason than I had no idea that Details magazine still exists. But it does apparently, and they asked Shia if he and Megan Fox ever did it while filming the first two ‘Transformers’ movies.

Details says…

Asked if he hooked up with Fox, LaBeouf nods affirmatively. “Look, you’re on the set for six months, with someone who’s rooting to be attracted to you, and you’re rooting to be attracted to them,” he explains. “I never understood the separation of work and life in that situation. But the time I spent with Megan was our own thing, and I think you can see the chemistry onscreen.” When I inquire about Fox’s status at the time with her longtime boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, LaBeouf replies, “I don’t know, man. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. . . .”—repeating the phrase exactly 12 times with various intonations, as if trying to get it just right. Finally, he says, “It was what it was.”

This might seem somewhat plausible because Megan married Brian Austin Green, so it’s not like she’s all that selective, but I don’t believe him because she’s been famous for a long time and you almost never hear any stories about her sleeping around. And also the idea of fucking Megan Fox is so wonderful I can’t believe that anyone gets to do it, much less this doofus. It’s like hearing someone claim they can fly.

(image source of Shia his girlfriend Karolyn Pho last week = fame)

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    SexyRicardSimmons 06/28/2011 11:07

    How the fuck is this little Hebe in movies? He’s someone I would have thrown rocks at growing up.

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    banksywalker 06/28/2011 11:15

    its entirely possible. I have a friend who worked on Jonah Hex and supposedly Megan and Josh were knocking it out back at the hotel a few nights. Of course that was with Josh Brolin which is better than the twilights tom hanks

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    Admiral 06/28/2011 11:22

    To be fair, he never said he fucked her. He was intentionally vague.

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    j4ck4l 06/28/2011 11:23

    Out of all the actors to use stage names why not this guy? Labouef… really?

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    mattclary 06/28/2011 11:25

    The chick in the pictures seems at least 90% as hot a Megan. Good for him.

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    The Puppet 06/28/2011 11:26

    Pho has no Poo

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    iSlomoshun 06/28/2011 11:28

    “She’s been an actor for a long time”

    2001 isn’t a long time ago. Not to mention she didn’t hit 18 until 2004..looking at her IMDB she hasn’t really been in any TV shows or movies that had a guy around her own age that she got to work with on a daily yea I believe he could have tapped that.

    WWTDD needs to start giving non biased reasons of why things happened or didn’t happen.

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    SomeoneluvsU 06/28/2011 11:35


    How’s this?
    Fox is a slut and LaPoof is a horny nerd…
    It’s not rocket science ……

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    MrAdams 06/28/2011 11:40

    How many people out there think that WWTDD is a respectable news outlet? Let’s see a show of hands.



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    Death to Finkle! 06/28/2011 11:44

    Snooki is looking pretty hot these days.

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    iSlomoshun 06/28/2011 11:44


    Do you think the rules apply to actors? Really? He’s not a bad looking guy and I mean..look at the douche she’s been seeing for a few years now.

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    walkingabortion 06/28/2011 12:39

    What a douche. Even if he fucked her, he pretty much volunteered in an interview that she cheated on a man she was engaged to at the time. You fuck a woman with a bf, at least have the class to keep your mouth shut about it.

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    walkingabortion 06/28/2011 12:50

    And I don’t think Megan Fox is a slut, SomeoneluvsU. As hot as she is, she could have fresh tasty dick whenever she wants, and instead she married the white boy rapper from 90210. She’s got to be either in love or stupid, probably both.

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    505 06/28/2011 12:50

    MEDIA MANIPULATION… hey, what movie is opening this week that stars Shia? And this story pops just now? Much like the “Natalie Portman didn’t do her own ballet in black Swan ‘scandal’ story that popped a few days before DVD release… All engineered.

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    Subzero288 06/28/2011 13:41

    Totally true. I worked on TF2 and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, involved in the film new about it. We were even asked, unofficially by the PR staff, to keep quiet about it.

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    jacksonhauler 06/28/2011 15:10

    do you all know who this girl was DEFINITELY dating before brian austin green? David Gallagher. simon from 7th heaven. still dont know who that is? i dont blame you. look up his picture. he’s probably lamer than brian austin green. she clearly has no problem with hooking up with complete losers, so this story doesnt seem too far off.

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    mercury 06/29/2011 03:37

    Who gives a shit? Two horny kids had sex. What a twist!

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    NothingBetter2Do 06/29/2011 07:15

    He looks like he always needs to take a dump.

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    david 06/29/2011 22:32

    I thought you were being funny by posting a pick of Jason Priestley, but thats shia, kind of ironic

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    Mississippi Mud 07/02/2011 23:50

    Hmmm, by saying hooking up does he mean he wrote Megan Fox’s name on his hand before rubbing one out?

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