Mila Kunis is awesome

By brendon July 11, 2011 @ 1:22 PM


Mila Kunis and Lindsay Lohan are about the same age (27 and 25), and both started to become famous in 1998 (Lindsay with ‘The Parent Trap’ and Mila with ‘That 70’s Show’), but while there have been 885 posts on here about Lindsay, there have only been 8 about Mila. And that’s because Mila isn’t a drunken white trash retard. She doesn’t routinely get arrested or flash her tits in public, meaning there’s nothing for me to post about. She’s actually a nice, normal person.

Case in point: last Thursday, Sgt. Scott Moore of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qala, Afghanistan, posted a video on youtube to ask Mila on a date. Specifically, to the Marine Corps Ball on November 18th in Greenville, North Carolina. Over the weekend, Fox talked to Mila and Justin Timberlake about their movie ‘Friends With Benefits’, and they asked her about Moores video. This was apparently the first she had heard of it. And then…

…the clearly flattered actress agreed.
“I’ll go, I’ll do it for you,” she said, turning to Timberlake. “Are you going to come?”
“They don’t want me! They want you,” Timberlake responded. “You need to do it for your country.”
Kunis nodded.
“I’ll do it,” she confirmed.

This isn’t to say that Lindsay wouldn’t have done the same thing. “Afghanistan, eh,” Lindsay would no doubt think as she rubbed her chin. “If I blow this soldier guy, I bet he can score me some sweet-ass opium.”

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    Shitcock 07/11/2011 13:31

    I guess I’m gonna hafta make me one of them newfangled JewTube vidyas and invite her to the annual AnalFest I hold in my cellar. She can only say yes!

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    rokan 07/11/2011 13:34

    I’m touching myself right now.

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    The Puppet 07/11/2011 14:00

    So, are we back to normal yet?
    Why don’t you ban Rokan and all his puppets?
    Wait, never mind, then this place would only have about three people posting, just like the Daily Yuckie.
    Jaybroni so hung himself with the shoelaces out of his black Chuck Taylors, and it is so Rokan’s fault. Nice work.

    Rokan had nothing to do with it. The pressure finally got to Jay. A new girl every day = 365 hot chicks. Can’t do it. I dare you to try. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year. Or his girlfriend made him stop. Women always got to ruin a mans good time. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t shoot them.

    mr puppet payed me fore dollars to let him putt marshmeellos up my wrektum


    I’ve been asked to write an article about new psychological syndromes for AMA weekly and I’m hoping you can help me out.

    I’d like to explore the issue of Rokan-envy and how it can effect one’s life in such a debilitating fashion. I think you’d be perfect for it.
    Would you be able to swing by the office next week? We’ll put you up in the stirrups, and you can just let it all loose.

    I’ll even check you for worms and we’ll call it even.

    What do you say, Buddy?

    I’m touching myselft right now
    Does this look swollen?
    I just made a tinkle

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    SomeoneluvsU 07/11/2011 14:05

    I think Lindsay has already blown the entire Navy and is half way through the Air force by now.

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    Gildorg 07/11/2011 14:36


    At least with Lindsay, you know she is into Anal…

    Mila should be and hopefully is, as well.

    So long as they both Swallow… Who really cares?

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    ahpook33 07/11/2011 14:51

    anorexic skank.

  7. avatar
    wickedretarded 07/11/2011 14:54

    Still, women are really just the same cunt with a bunch of faces.

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    Observer 07/11/2011 14:54

    …so …what did I miss…..

    ….besides a blowjob from Lindsay Lohan…….?

  9. avatar
    rokan 07/11/2011 14:54

    I just got caught picking my nose in the elevator.

    Hiya, Gildorg!

  10. avatar
    Gildorg 07/11/2011 15:14

    Hey Rok!

    Gotta leave soon and go to the damn doctor…

    Sorry my liver cancelled out on the race… Someone switched the water with Vodka in my bottle and that pretty much ended that!

    Next Time, though!

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    MrAdams 07/11/2011 15:20

    Did you know that Cher used to be married to the lead singer from U2?

  12. avatar
    rokan 07/11/2011 15:25


    Make sure he uses a glove when he sticks his finger up your ass.

  13. avatar
    SomeoneluvsU 07/11/2011 15:31

    If at anytime while you feel him probing inside your ass, he places both hands on your shoulders…

  14. avatar
    Observer 07/11/2011 15:50

    My doctor delegates the “finger in the ass” to his nurse-practitioner….

    ….she seems overly eager…

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    Observer 07/11/2011 15:52

    I have to like a female celeb whose name has the word “Kunis” in it……..

    …….I pronounce it “cunnies” like the HBO series “Rome”…..

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    rokan 07/11/2011 15:56

    New up, fuck-wads

  17. avatar
    mercury 07/11/2011 19:55

    I wanna spend as much time humanly possible on Mila and then triple that!

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    McleodAdele43876283 07/12/2011 09:02

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