It was all a terrifying joke

By brendon August 26, 2011 @ 1:36 PM


Yesterday Jim Carrey posted a perplexing video on youtube professing his love for Emma Stone, whom he has never met and who really isn’t that great.

But not to worry, because later he went on his twitter and explained it was all a joke. Ha-ha?

Yes, my msg to Emma Stone was a comedy routine and the funniest part is that everything i said is tru.

And then later he wrote…

People often ask me if i’m being funny or serious. The answer is “YES”. ?;^]

It’s easier to believe that this was a joke if you’ve never been to his website. Jim Carrey is a god damn weirdo, and completely in love with himself, and he probably thought Emma would be on her knees within hours. Maybe the video was too subtle of a joke. Maybe Jim should kick in her door with a gun next time, but cover your ears, because big laughs are coming.

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    MrAdams 08/26/2011 13:41

    If I were Jim Carrey, that’s exactly what I’d do. She should feel honored that somebody famous wants her to suck their cock.

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    Mr. Poop 08/26/2011 13:45


    There, I said it.

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    Observer 08/26/2011 13:55

    I’m SURE most people ask Jim Carrey if he is being funny…..

    …..because he sure as hell hides it well……

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    Observer 08/26/2011 13:56


    … you think Pepper is stupid…..?

    I’m perplexed……

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    Mr. Poop 08/26/2011 14:12


    Are you all stocked up on mac and cheese for the storm?

    Will your babysitters be staying with you?

    Do you have enough porn archived to get you through in case your internet goes down?

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    Observer 08/26/2011 14:14

    Mr. Poop…..

    ….my main baby-sitter is in her 60s……so….yeah….I like ‘em young….

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    Observer 08/26/2011 14:15

    ….if the electricity goes out…….

    … poor wife may be forced to be my emergency back-up plan…

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    Observer 08/26/2011 14:21

    Mr. Poop…….

    ……how would YOU while away the hours…..?

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    SomeoneluvsU 08/26/2011 14:34

    It was all a terrifying joke,/em>…

    Much like his career

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    SomeoneluvsU 08/26/2011 14:37

    Fuck me sideways…
    I HATE html.

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    i hate you 08/26/2011 14:38

    why wouldn’t a 22 yr old girl want to date fire marshall bill? oh, she likely has no idea who that is……right.

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    zaicaonimei 08/26/2011 20:58

    Come go and see, will not regret it Oh look


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    PageJulian 08/28/2011 22:52

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    WhiteTrashPeg 08/31/2011 05:29

    A carnie came into where I bartend tonight, and he must’ve had Tourette’s or some drug issue because he kept mumbling little unintelligible commentaries at inappropriate times. He spent three hours telling me that he was just doing his buddy a favor by taking this silly gig as a carnie, that actually he is very well off and lives in Florida and buys “art” and is a career surfer. He kept trying to get me to go have a drink with him after I got off of work.

    Jim Carrey’s website makes me long for the unwanted advances of Independently Wealthy Tourette’s Surfer Carnie, as it was a much less creepy way to spend an evening than perusing Ace Ventura’s online shrine to himself.


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