Julia Roberts is in a bikini. Unfortunately.


Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder were on the beach in Kauai, Hawaii, yesterday, and the good news is that these are only pictures so you don't have to listen to Julia cackle like a god damn hyena. The bad news is that her lumpy physique has been smushed into a bikini. This looks like a private beach, probably because they went to a public beach first and everyone started boo'ing. "Boooo, you suck, get out'a here," the crowd no doubt yelled when Julia took off her shirt.

Oh but at least we get a good shot of her sexy "tramp stamp" tattoo, featuring the names of her 3 kids (better shot here, though "better" might not be the right word). Because you know what's really hot when you have a girl on her hands and knees and you're drilling her from behind? Being reminded of her 3 kids.

(image source = splash and flynet)

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