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By brendon August 11, 2011 @ 2:39 PM


After the story broke yesterday about a video showing Lindsay Lohan buying not drugs, she went to Mr. Chow in a see thru shirt with no bra, and even though showing her tits usually cheers her up, she was still haunted by the drug thing. So of course she went on her twitter to decry it.

“X17 is nuts! their false stories are absurd and gross…”

I didn’t edit that by the way. She ended it with an elipsis. That was 23 hours ago. Someone should go check on her because she’s probably been sitting at her keyboard this whole time, with a blinking cursor on twitter, staring at the ceiling with her mouth open and trying to finish her thought.

(image source = pacific coast)

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    Smacko 08/11/2011 14:43

    Someone call the Correction Chimp for an ellipse ruling.

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    mikey the retard 08/11/2011 14:44


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    MrAdams 08/11/2011 14:46

    Observer is related to LiLo!

    (sorry to hear that)

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    RangerLG 08/11/2011 14:49

    That is one delicious looking nipple.

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    Observer 08/11/2011 14:51


    …..I’m finally getting into Lindsay’s head………

    …..via her mouth….

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    Observer 08/11/2011 14:53

    Death To Finkle

    ….where did you get that new avatar……..

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    Ed Venture 08/11/2011 15:06

    How can such nice tits have such a dumb life support system?

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    jacoby110 08/11/2011 15:16

    Why is she shielding her eyes from the sun? Isn’t that what she is wearing sunglasses.

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    MooneyLesa 08/11/2011 15:16

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    mikey the retard 08/11/2011 15:18

    mr jacoby iz that mr zombie twying to lik tim teboe?

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    mercury 08/11/2011 15:24

    Goddamn, she looks about twenty years older than she actually is!

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    SomeoneluvsU 08/11/2011 15:44

    Does Mr Chow gives free crystals with the $ 5.99 lunch special

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    i hate you 08/11/2011 15:45

    lindsey? seriously? i am gonna go hang out at the heatherton post. this will only take a minute.

  14. avatar
    Observer 08/11/2011 15:50

    i hate you…..

    …..on your way over to the Heatherton post…….say HI to R0kan at the Budechen/Toddler post…

  15. avatar
    i hate you 08/11/2011 15:58

    whew. i am so sleepy now. i didn’t see r0kan over there. he have gone to buy more pure costa rican pure bam bam.

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    i hate you 08/11/2011 15:58

    i need to quit smoking pot. regardless what my doctor says. fuck me.

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    iSlomoshun 08/11/2011 16:17

    Please never put this ugly drug addicted cunt on this site again.

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    jbchouheile 08/11/2011 21:58

    Come go and see, will not regret it Oh look


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    SOAPBOX77 08/12/2011 05:22

    Lindsay, “When yesterday you do a (Purchase illegal drugs photo),. The next day to cover up that shyt taking a (see through shirt photo?), “will not make up for it”.
    “A short skirt, no panty open wide legs, out of the car shot is what will compromise the Papz, and Mob with understanding”. All of us wish to see your Goofy-Freckeled-Ginger Snatch right about this time”… with Coke, Vodka, and Domo the stuffed Japanese Thing animal pouring down it….. “Sloppy”….

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    Mary1664 08/12/2011 15:37

    I heard that Lindsay Lohan claimed to have been buying ‘bath crystals’. Hmmm the jury is still out on that one!
    celebrity scandals

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