Mark Wahlberg says Tom Cruise fakes his stunts

By brendon October 28, 2011 @ 3:28 PM

Mark Wahlberg was on the Opie and Anthony show yesterday and when the topic of Tom Cruise doing his own stunts for ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ came up, he essentially said he didn’t believe those stories. He also said he doesn’t bother doing his own stunts and relies on doubles to do all the work. For the record if there was any way to get his doubles to do all the acting from now on too, that would be great.


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    The Fried Man 10/28/2011 15:39

    Say hello to your motha for me.

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    Mr. Pickles 10/28/2011 16:01

    Fuck that guy. Cruise and Markie Mark. I fucked a girl that fucked him once. She said he is no Dirk Diggler. Me on the OTHER HAND!!


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    natrixxx 10/28/2011 16:04

    He fakes his shlong, too.

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    Observer 10/28/2011 16:06

    Mr. Pickles……

    …when did you start fucking Dirty Dot rats?

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    Observer 10/28/2011 16:08

    I wonder if these Wahlburgers are really Tofu?

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    Pepper 10/28/2011 16:09

    I bet they both bump pussies at night…..

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    Observer 10/28/2011 16:10


    ….let’s meet at Wahlburgers next weekend…’s on route 3-A on the way to Provincetown….

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    i hate you 10/28/2011 16:19

    obs, pickles will fuck anything. he never replies to the contrary, so it must be true.

    pepper, what do you bump your clitoris with?

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    Observer 10/28/2011 16:26

    i hate you……

    ….I’ve heard that Pepper bumps clitorises with his “Ron Jeremy” sized meaty and veiny black schlong……..

    ….I heard it from R0kan’t……..

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    Gildorg 10/28/2011 16:38


    There, it needed to be said…

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    Mr. Nutt 10/28/2011 17:10

    Set ‘em up Gildorg! I’m ready! FRIDAY!!! It means so much more when you worked all week. Hey men, how’s it hanging?

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    Gildorg 10/28/2011 17:58

    Not so good…

    But I am surviving…

    Gotta work later on my other gig… The boss needs me for both nights, so I got a few hours coming…

    Since my other job is giving me a couple of Personal Holidays… (I didn’t know I had them…But they are paid days-off…)

    I gotta make an another run to the Liquor store before I have to go in… All this extra time off is not a good thing… Too much time to drink my ass off!

    In any case, CHEERS!

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    i hate you 10/28/2011 18:09

    gildorg, the museum of natural history will want your liver. please document this in your will.

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    Gildorg 10/28/2011 20:14

    I got my liver from Dean Martin…

    It kind of has a life of it’s own…

    Crap… Almost time to go to work again…


    WORK! The Curse of the Drinking Class!

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    MrAdams 10/28/2011 22:54

    It doesn’t matter one bit to me whether Tom Cruise does his own death-defying stunts himself or not, he’s still a dork.

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    Gildorg 10/29/2011 03:03

    Home Again!

    Not too bad of a crowd tonight…

    I guess Tom Cruise on the top of the page is better than that pig Britney… Sigh… She used to be pretty dang hot… Age and Stupidity are killers…

    Time for a Nightcap or two or three!

    Cheers, Gentlemen!

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    alice15 10/29/2011 03:53

    OMG Drama drama drama!! jeez. these boys. :/

    If you like all this check out my favorite iphone and android app. pweeeese!

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    Mr. Nutt 10/29/2011 19:18

    I wonder how east coast Durdenites are enjoying the weather lately?

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    Gildorg 10/29/2011 20:21


    Not too bad of a day…

    Almost time for work and then back to another shitty week…


    Well, I think I have time for a couple of rounds before I gotta go!


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    Gildorg 10/30/2011 19:31


    This place is more deserted than usual…

    Home for a little while before another shitty day…

    If any of the rest of you actually show up… Here is a song you should appreciate if you are of the appropriate age-bracket…

    Please have a drink when you watch the video… It is totally cool!

    Cheers! (Mr. Nutt, you better take a look if you log-in!)

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