its Courteney Cox, a really short skirt

By brendon November 29, 2011 @ 4:48 PM


Courteney Cox went to Spago in Beverly Hills last night, and when she got into her car you could kind of see her panties. Which is noteworthy if for no other reason than it’s one of the few stories today that won’t get the “dead people” tag. If Ashton Kutcher can’t get over Demi Moore he should start dating Courteney, because they look almost identical, and Ashton Kutcher is a moron.

(image source = fame)


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  1. Observer 11/29/2011 16:55

    and Ashton Kutcher is a moron.

    …..AND Cortney Cox has a history with fucking morons…..

  2. Observer 11/29/2011 16:56

    ….as I used to say deep in my past……

    ….”if I knew she dated losers…..I would have asked her out….”

  3. Observer 11/29/2011 16:59

    If this website ever showed nipple-slips…..

    ….I’d look at ‘em…..

  4. Observer 11/29/2011 17:01

    Are the comments “on” or “off”….??

  5. SomeoneluvsU 11/29/2011 17:05

    Cougar or not,
    I would stick one in her jam shed

  6. The Fried Man 11/29/2011 17:06

    Once upon a time a 12 year old boy used to jerk off to Friends incessantly because of a certain Monica Geller. Only the flashback fat suit scenes though.

  7. MrAdams 11/29/2011 17:09

    Black politician, black comedian, black panties. I detect a trend here. Things that stink?

  8. Mr. Nutt 11/29/2011 17:10

    I would stick one in her coin slot. Just once though, and run off like Pickles.


  9. CodPiece 11/29/2011 17:17

    I’d knock the Williams and Sonoma off that pussy!

  10. i hate you 11/29/2011 17:25

    what is going on in here? there is no vagina there. pickles gets pissed when you use his schtick, unless you blow him first.

    see what i did there?

  11. SomeoneluvsU 11/29/2011 17:28

    When reached for comment, Lindsay (B)Lohan replied,
    Huh….Panties, that sounds made up.

  12. MrAdams 11/29/2011 17:31

    If that had been a pic of LiLo, then it wouldn’t be panties. It would be flies.

  13. Mr. Nutt 11/29/2011 17:36

    Pickles, I am NOT blowing you so sorry I used your hook. That’s as goog as it gets.

    Adams, That was goog, very good.

  14. i hate you 11/29/2011 17:38

    lilo is the brundle fly…

  15. Observer 11/29/2011 17:38

    I’ve been snapping my carrot to Courtney Cox since “Dancing in The Dark”…

  16. Observer 11/29/2011 17:39

    Is it possible that I missed the “sub-text” of “Dancing In The Dark”…..?

    I wasn’t an English major……….

  17. SomeoneluvsU 11/29/2011 17:47


    Don’t forget her on the ever popular Misfits of Science…

  18. BA732 11/30/2011 14:02

    More K shots….

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