Lindsay Lohan looked fat in her bikini

By brendon August 13, 2012 @ 5:40 PM


So not only is Lindsay Lohan an irresponsible drunk, a kleptomaniac, and a shitty actress with a terrible attitude, but now it seems she’s also putting on weight. She’s a dream come true if you’re a director or casting agent looking for a lead actress. “There has to be some kind of catch,” you would murmur in disbelief.

(image source of lindsay in malibu yesterday = akm images/gsi media)

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 08/13/2012 17:42

    I would like to smack her vagina with a dirty plunger from a truck stop until it was all red and puffy.

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    Tipped 08/13/2012 19:04

    Maybe she’s finally off the blow. I still hate this bitch and wish she would fall off a building.

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    aquanetta jones 08/13/2012 19:05

    I wish Casey Anthony was Lindsay’s mom

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    aquanetta jones 08/13/2012 19:07

    I wish that she was the second child of a family born in China

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    aquanetta jones 08/13/2012 19:07

    I wish that she was at the Batman premier in Aurora

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    aquanetta jones 08/13/2012 19:09

    I wish she was in the earthquake in Iran

    The Tsunami in Indonesia

    Jonestown Masacre

    Charlie Manson’s first victim…you get the hint

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    Caribou 08/13/2012 19:26

    At least she always had alright tits and now those hang below her ankles, a one way trip to Dignitas methinks.

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    Honkey Dong 08/13/2012 21:34

    I like Lindsay’s seaweed-like hair. It goes well with her dead fish-like skin.

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    Honkey Dong 08/13/2012 22:01

    That’s true. I don’t want to offend those among us that lust for this diseased, skanky, cum-breathed, leprous-cunted, shit-eater. Thus I am self moderating.

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    dharry7781 08/14/2012 03:48

    What a bunch of ignorant hateful people.

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    harleydavidson 08/14/2012 10:14

    get any extras with that gil? i know everytime i go i get a discount but thats because im a regular at this point. ive been going to the one place for so long that i walk in and everyone yells “HARLEY!!!!” even the girls stop dancing to greet me.

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    SomeoneluvsU 08/14/2012 10:23

    She’s practicing running on the beach for the remake of that Bo Derek movie…

    Working titles…
    10 (lbs overweight)
    or possibly
    10 (lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag)

    Russell Brand will again butcher the Dudley Moore role.

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    B A Baracus 08/14/2012 11:26

    What does this post have to do with Kate Upton’s funbags and Katy Perry’s turd cutter?

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    doofus membrane 08/14/2012 11:48

    When did her face turn into Lisa Marie Presley?

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    Mr. Poop 08/14/2012 11:57


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    SomeoneluvsU 08/14/2012 12:05

    She’s perfect for the new Wonder Woman movie…

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    Mr. Poop 08/14/2012 12:08


    I am on vacation this week, so can you please pick up the slack around here this week?

    Make sure to mention that only dogs and bees can smell fear, how much the human head weighs, and that most girls have worms.


    Mr Poop.

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    mallrat11 08/14/2012 13:31

    can someone direct me to a picture where she actually looks fat? all i see is a skinny girl with huge boobs. if those were the same pictures but the title was katy perry, you’d all be fapping to them. or maybe not, because youll believe everything tyler says

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 08/14/2012 13:35

    Gildorg, that was mild in comparison to most of my P epper references.

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    harleydavidson 08/14/2012 15:56

    if theres ever a biopic made about her it should be called 3 paramedics and a dead lady.

    it could be a comedy

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