Kate Middleton is suing over these blurry topless pictures

By brendon September 14, 2012 @ 2:07 PM


People think the Royal Family is all stuffy and dull, but first there were pictures of Prince Harry partying naked in Vegas, and today the French magazine Closer published pictures taken last week showing Kate Middleton laying out topless with Prince William at a chateau in France.

Needless to say the Royal Family is furious, and quickly filed a lawsuit saying, “legal proceedings for breach of privacy have been commenced today in France.” Not only that, but the Queen has 50 fighting ships sailing up the Iberian peninsula, and 3000 heavy cavalry with orders to pillage BaugĂ©, Rouen, and La Rochelle. Which I don’t think she’s even allowed to do.

(direct link to the blurry but still NSFW scans here and here and here)

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    MacDaddy 09/14/2012 14:24

    Pippa is way hotter

  2. avatar
    Admiral 09/14/2012 14:35

    Ah, the internet – a place you can go to see anyone’s nipples.

  3. avatar
    LoK 09/14/2012 15:01

    Actually I’d have to disagree with you Mac

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    Tipped 09/14/2012 15:06

    I’m a bit disappointed with the royal titties

  5. avatar
    SexyRicardSimmons 09/14/2012 15:47

    I thought they would be bigger. Me disappoint.

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