Kim Kardashian is too fat for her dress, part 2

By brendon September 26, 2012 @ 2:21 PM


First of all, holy shit look at the way Kris Jenner is leaning into Kim, practically pushing her back to make sure she’s in every picture. Kris Jenner is fucking insane.

Anyway. For the second time in three months (flashback!), Kim Kardashian has had the zipper running up the back of her dress break. Either because of poor workmanship (no) or because she’s fat (yes).

“What a poorly made dress,” Kim will no doubt conclude. She tried to be nice to the Chinese slaves she uses to make her clothes when she provided new drinking water and bathrooms (in the form of an arrow that points toward a river. It even says “watch out for crocodiles!” which is helpful assuming they read english) but they wanna play hardball. Fine. They can forget about getting air conditioning, now she’s gonna have all the tools heated so they burn their hands. “I bet they won’t rikey that,” Kim will add.

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    DennisFinch 09/26/2012 14:53

    Kris Jenner is a horrible old witch, all of the good DNA must have been from their fathers. Kim’s tits looking lovely like always though.

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    Hugh G Rection 09/26/2012 16:21

    Apparently her sister is in Russia

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    joelski 09/26/2012 16:54

    Pretty sure Kris Jenner just gets really high and recycles stuff she sees here. Sofia Vergara buttcrack must have popped up on her kindle two days late. But find me those nip slips.

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