Lindsay Lohan Braless Knockers Knock Back a Last Few

By Lex March 25, 2013 @ 12:29 PM

When the media reports on Lindsay Lohan and her constant troubles with drugs and alcohol, they like to use terms like ‘troubled’ or ‘party-girl’ or ‘wayward’. Like she’s a high school honor student who fell into the wrong crowd and came home with Natty Light on her breath in the first act of an after-school special. What about just calling her a freaking ‘addict’? A wired-to-the-core junkie with an insatiable desire to self-medicate through whatever illicit substance she can pour into her pie-hole, snuff up her nose, or rapidly yearn into her snatch. I suppose ‘wayward’ is more economical, and less harsh, but also completely dishonest.

Lindsay was spotted knocking back vodka out of an unmarked carafe at a local watering hole not long after her guilty plea to her latest criminal charges and yet another court mandated rehab stint. Which means 90-days before Lindsay is allowed to return to her blessed drugs. Which she will. Because she’s ‘wayward’.

Photo credit: GSI

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    ThisSiteIsGayPornography 03/25/2013 18:15

    I’d still play with these, suck em, and jerk on them. I’m married and out of the game, but I still think these tits are decent and jerking on tits isn’t cheating. What is the life expectancy of Lindsay? +/- 5 years?

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