Amanda Seyfried Won’t Get Naked, But She Will Suck

April 15, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Publicists are the worst type of people. You’ve probably hooked up with one, everybody has. Some of them are hot, but after you buy their first vodka soda and they squeak “I work in PR!” it’s a sure sign you need to one and done them and DO NOT give them your real phone number.

Amanda Seyfried is the only actress not to appear nude in Allure’s latest “Look Better Naked” issue and according to Page Six it’s because her publicist wouldn’t let her. Another reason to not feel bad about doorbell ditching a publicist’s vajayjay

Seyfried reveals in the same issue that she sounded so great singing in Les Misérables by pretending she was suckin’ a big fat D.

“Imagine [suckin’ a big fat D], get that feeling in the back of your throat, and then sing,”

I’m guessing Amanda picked up this line from her recently completed role in the bio-pic Lovelace, about the original Deep Throat. Or it was concocted by that same publicist who wouldn’t let her get naked. So, I don’t believe it, but it’s still fun to imagine a serious shlong in her pretty trap as she belts out one of the many horrible songs from Les Mis.

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