Big Kim In Belly Shirt

By Lex April 19, 2013 @ 12:55 PM

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Wearing Belly Shirt In Los Angeles
Kim Kardashian has decided to turn her biggest weakness into a strength, turn that threat into an opportunity, take those lemons and make herself some lemonade. After all the ribbing about her ballooning up like a zeppelin since being rap star seeded in her latest familial money making scheme, Kim has decided to just show off the belly as a source of pride. I say, good for you, Kim. You go, girl. Take those slings and arrows and turn them into satisfaction in your swelling bastard baby bump. Also, you should wear crotchless pants in public to show off the gaping vag from whence your moneybags will be born. And your lipid-injected ass and saline-bag laden udders, from whence the fame began. Kim, show us your pride.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, INF, PCN

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    Burbank 04/19/2013 14:00

    Your overreaching critique of Kim’s current state of fatassery has actually made me feel sorry for the soulless bitch.
    Nice work, assholes.
    FAIL yet again.

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    Anonymous Prime 04/20/2013 19:45

    The lace does a nice job of hiding the stretch mar– oh wait that’s not lace there? eeehh.

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