Kim Kardashian See-Through Right to Her Gentle Soul

By Lex April 25, 2013 @ 12:47 PM

Kim Kardashian In Sheer Black Dress In New York
Depending on which shock gossip blog you read, pregnant fatty Kim Kardashian is either collapsing in tears from Kanye’s abandonment of her during her time of need, or, Kanye is dying to marry Kim before their bastard baby pops fresh from Kim’s moneymaker and nobody gives a shit about Kanye anymore. So much drama. So much money. If only it were enough to drown in.

Photo Credit: INF, FameFlynet, PCN, Splash, WENN

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    Doctor Mindbender 04/25/2013 17:50

    God, I love that chubby nitwit.

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