Russell ‘Hollywood’ Simpson Says ‘Sex Was Great!’ With NFL Star Kerry Rhodes (WWTDD Exclusive)

April 19, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Yeah, I know, this story would be so much more awesome if this were a spurned ex-hot-girlfriend outing a hot LPGA golfer (not that the lesbian golfer story would elicit more than a murmur), but it’s not. It’s a spurned gay man outing Kerry Rhodes, an NFL star with whom he claims to have had an intensely personal and sexual relationship.

This guy Hollywood has been interviewed over the phone by a bunch of folks who danced around the big questions. I think the big sports outlets are just completely too freaked out to even ask the question. I figured why not just get this guy’s ass on Skype and ask him if he went balls-to-balls with the Arizona Cardinals safety. So, yeah, I did.

Obviously there’s no way to independently verify what went on behind closed doors between these two men. We do know they shared pineapple drinks. But, this is Hollywood and this is Hollywood’s story.

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