Courtney Stodden Is In the Studio

May 10, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

There are a couple phrases to listen for when you want to be sure somebody in Hollywood has absolutely nothing going on. The first is, ‘I’m currently in the studio’. ‘Currently in the studio’ is akin to ‘I’m about to be hired’. It doesn’t really mean much. Might as well say ‘I’m running for President’. Oh, shit, Bobby’s running for President. He’s got shit going on. The second is, ‘I have a reality show I’m not allowed to talk about’. Why aren’t you allowed to talk about it? Because E! and Bravo! despise free publicity and promotion from the gorgons on their shows? A legal gag order lest you get people excited and build buzz, sort of a reverse P.T. Barnum? If you’re willing to watch Courtney Stodden being interviewed by somebody even more annoying than she is (above), you will hear both.

Here’s Courtney at the same fashion event practicing for her real future career — fag hag.

Photo Credit: PCN

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