Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Malfunction

Jennifer Nicole Lee Has A Bikini Malfunction At The Beach In Miami Yeah, the Miami fitness instructor Jennifer Nicole Lee is staging all her bikini malfunctions along the beach. But so what? I remember the first time a girl told me she faked it. I told her, Darling (that was actually her real name, Darling), the only crime you've committed is telling me the truth. Do men care how they achieve? They do not. If Jennifer Nicole Lee wants to flash her beaver on a crowded public beach to get attention, great. Girls who crave attention are the basis for most everything fun that ever happens in your life.

Photo Credit: Splash [gallery ids="1389422,1389432,1389442,1389452,1389462,1389472,1389482,1389492,1389502,1389512,1389522"]

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