Courtney Stodden Got a Boob Job

By Lex June 18, 2013 @ 1:19 PM

Courtney Stodden In A Tiny Dress At A Trevor Project Benefit
Courtney Stodden just got her tits done. The reality fame seeking veteran stripper looking teen says it’s because she hates bras. But looking past her obviously inane excuse, this is a business upgrade. When your business is ultimately porn. Courtney’s much older squat husband insists that the enlargements were not his idea. Considering he likes waifish under-aged girls, he’s probably telling the truth. Courtney snuck some shots of her new tits in a bikini to E!, but to see them bare you’ll probably have to wait a few more months and pay for the sight of a cock plunging between them.

Photo Credit: WENN

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    Admiral 06/18/2013 14:08

    She’s not 18 yet? Her parents are either awesome, stupid, or dead.

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    iSlomoshun 06/18/2013 14:16

    She is 18.

    And her she got a boob job because her tits were a saggy mess that she covered up by wearing pushup bra’s 2 sizes too big to make it look like her tits were perky and awesome.

    I hope she gets staph infection.

  3. avatar
    RangerLG 06/18/2013 14:29

    No….Just No.

  4. avatar
    Doo Doo Fresh 06/18/2013 14:54

    She’s about as natural as a Trex deck.

  5. avatar
    Mud Nugget 06/18/2013 16:24

    i wanna see her in a cuckold video with shane diesel

  6. avatar
    Gildorg 06/25/2013 02:25

    I would still totally bang her in her ass!

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