Beyonce Looked Totes Awesome at Vigil For Trayvon Martin

By Lex July 22, 2013 @ 1:21 PM

Beyonce Arrives At The Vigil For Trayvon Martin Held In New York
Tons of celebrities got into the Trayvon Martin protests this past week. How can you not be outraged after hearing about the case from your make-up assistant? But none really managed to jump on the right side of history while looking like a million bucks like Beyonce. Ever since seeing herself in her own documentary and realizing she was black, Beyonce has really felt in touch with her roots. She and Jay-Z hit up the Trayvon Martin vigil with Al Sharpton in New York before heading out for bottle service at the Boom Boom Room. Trayvon’s going to be dead whether you party or not, so what’s the point in frowning.

Photo Credit: INF, WENN

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    remember 07/22/2013 14:49

    This post highlights the difference between the old wwtdd and the new one with all the changes.. the old website had like 3 posts a day and never on a holiday, but they were great.. now its posts galore but crap like this. totes

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