Kim Kardashian Wanted to Apologize to Kris Humphreys on Skype

By Lex July 26, 2013 @ 3:30 PM

Word is out that Kim Kardashian felt heartsick that Kris Humphreys never believed she loved him and that their wedding was just a financial scam for reality TV. So she wanted to set up a Skype chat with Kris to apologize to him, make it right, and let him know she really did love him for all seventy-two days of their marriage. Well, maybe like the first sixty before the People magazine check cleared and she secretly schemed to file divorce papers. Kris was apparently considering talking to Kim, until he realized she wanted to air the Skype chat on The Kardashians reality show. You know, to maybe help other couples in similar multimillion dollar wedding-scam Skype apology situations. Kris Humphreys is a stupid man, but he’s not a really really stupid man. So he told Kim to take a hike. And Kim was left to feign distraught solo over her divorce for the reality crew cameras. I know it’s not nice to call a new mother a callous fame-seeking lying whore. So I won’t.

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    BillGander 07/26/2013 19:04

    For the love of God, it’s Humphries

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    RoreyRock 07/26/2013 21:37

    Anyone want a HUGE red flag where our American culture is now? Just look at this fat ass, dumb, unattractive whore – that is now “main stream”? She is infamous for a crappy porn vid- WTF! Come on- don’t publish her crap anymore – plz.

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