France Is Trying to Steal Our Whores

August 13, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

When I think of a classic whore, I think of a French woman with extensive eyelashes, a tarty black dress, and a three day old unbathed stench covered by eau de toilette. Apparently, when French people think of whores, they envision Paris Hilton and Shauna Sand. Both of these talented ladies have been tapped to star in French TV shows currently filming in Los Angeles. Paris in her idiotic French reality show and Shauna Sand in Hollywood Girls, a show about a couple angst-ridden French women who come to Hollywood to yell and scream on the inside. It could also be about a flying turtle that kills children with laser beams, my French isn’t so good. When you tell me that a French production company cast Shauna Sand for their show, a couple thoughts come to mind. One, they have a crappy budget. And, two, they didn’t look very hard. Also, there’s probably the French version of a field producer getting regular hummers from a girl who once was in Playboy. Today is all about why America is better than France. Add to that list that they can’t even afford our top shelf whores.

Photo Credit: PCN

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