Prince George’s Nursery Will Be Africa Themed

By Michael August 22, 2013 @ 11:29 AM

The nursery of the future king of England will have an Africa theme, because of course. You know Africa, that continent his family brutally subjugated up until a few decades ago. Apparently his dad, prince receding hairline, just loooooves Africa. It’s so, like, quaint and stuff with their crushing poverty and AIDS epidemic. Poverty, btw, that is largely a legacy of his family raping the continent so they could get diamonds for their shiny hats. Prince William said of the nursery theme,

“We’ll cover it in, you know, lots of bushes And things like that. (We’ll) make him grow up as if he’s in the bush.”

Go fuck yourself, you Limey prick. That kid is going to grow up in palaces as the future king of England. How the fuck is he going to grow up as if he is growing up as a subsistence farmer and hunter like the poor people of Africa? I know your mom used to go on poverty tours pretending she gave a shit about poor Africans, but we all know it was for show and to experience an occasional shtup from a cock that didn’t need apologizing for. Just be honest and make the theme of the nursery — you’re rich for no particular reason. That way your son can grow up with the same generalized sense of guilt that leads to hosting fundraisers for Africa in the backyard of one of the estates he already owns at six weeks old.

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    Al (Ted) Bundy 08/22/2013 11:47

    You know, when Brendon used to make fun of the rich and famous, it was usually witty and well done. Not always mind you, but usually. When you do it, it’s just sad. You’re like the fat kid in 4th grade trying sooooo hard to be liked by all the other kids in class, but everyone can see you’re just trying way too hard.

    Shame really.

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    AyWhole 08/22/2013 11:50

    Jesus Christ, is that liberal fruit Lex posting under Jack’s name now? Is this really now the subject matter of this website?

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    Al Bundy 08/22/2013 12:23

    The baby looks like Winston Churchill.

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    Shortshanks 08/22/2013 13:31

    You know Africa, that continent his family brutally subjugated up until a few decades ago.

    …and chance you actually meant “Belgium”, “France”, or “Germany”?…..

    ….because the English were not known for “brutality” and they’re more famous for India…

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    Shortshanks 08/22/2013 13:51

    any chance….

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    Hugh G. Rection 08/22/2013 14:16

    Yeah it’s a good thing white people stopped running Africa 50 years ago. Look how great the entire continent is doing now!

    Oh wait.

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