Is Justin Bieber’s Biggest Crime Being Unoriginal?

November 9, 2013 | Uncategorized | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Being unoriginal wouldn’t even make the top ten shitty things about this little self-absorbed weasel. Still, it’s worth noting on his permanent record of being a total dick that it looks like Bieber’s overwhelming desire to start tagging cityscapes in Brazil was based upon an a graffiti character he basically stole after seeing in Austin. Or so a guy named Will tells us. He claims that Bieber’s street work was just a plagiarized version of the work of t3mz4, a graffiti artist whose work Bieber apparently saw when in town for the Austin City Limits. The original artist tried to mention this on Bieber’s Instagram but the Bieb’s social media team kept deleting his comments. It’s hard to believe that the wunderkind who came up with such Dylan-esque lyrics as “Are we an item? Girl, quit playing ¬†We’re just friends, what are you saying” would need to resort to intellectual thievery. But then it’s also hard to believe that a guy with a million screaming female fans would pay a skanky brothel hooker to lay beneath him and lie about his manliness.

Photo: above Bieber proud of his graffiti art, below the original piece in Austin

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