Colleen Shannon Poses In Lingerie For The 138

By Lex December 04, 2013 @ 5:29 PM

Colleen Shannon Poses In Lingerie For A 138 Water Commercial Photoshoot In Beverly Hills

I guess when you’re about to go to prison for smuggling your drug running boyfriend over the Canadian border, the idea of becoming a human host for the 138 pod babies doesn’t seem like such a bad turn. It’s certainly better than going to Canadian jail and seeing the place where Michael Bublé used to conjugal with his various prison pen pals. Colleen Shannon may go down in history as the mother of the alien bug invasion, but that’s superior to being remembered as what’s-her-name with the big tits.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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    Raymond K. Hessel 12/04/2013 17:48

    It matters not to the amount of ads you post for 138 Water, I’ll never buy one f***ing drop of that shite.

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    SilentMic 12/04/2013 18:02

    Is 138 the contractual number of posts you’re required to make, shilling water while “mocking” it? Do you ever feel like you’re missing the point, rogue-ishly poking fun of a subject while glorifying it evermore?

    I hate to go into a “it was better with Brendan” rally, but the point with him was always “man, this thing is terrible, and here’s a well-though criticism on what it’s doing to America.” Nowadays WWTDD seems to have taken the cheap route out, consistently saying how horrible the Kardashians/Stoddens/Sheens/138s are, but “man, let’s keep talking about them!” (In 100 words or less!)

    I keep telling myself this is the last time I give this place another shot, but now that you’ve reached the point where you’re not-so-subtly using “journalism” to sell ads, today might actually be the day. Good luck, boners.

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    Admiral 12/04/2013 23:42

    They should just show women shoving a 138 Water bottle up their slippery flesh pocket.

    Yeah, I called it that – and you jerks deserved to read it.

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    TitsAreNice 12/05/2013 09:41

    I have it on good authority that this water is made from distilling the tears of starving nigras.

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